Selena Gomez Emotional Breakdown On May 19 ‘Her Whole Body Was Trembling & Shaking Her Head’

selena-crying-gifselena-gomez-crying-stay-6_0Selena Gomez had an emotional breakdown at the Montage Beverly Hills Rooftop Grill in Los Angeles on May 19, reports OK! Selena often cries, as seen above with Kevin Jonas Sr. Eyewitness revealed: ‘Her whole body was trembling, and she kept covering her face with her hands and shaking her head.

It looked like something really, really bad had happened.’ Do YOU think Selena’s latest breakdown was over Justin’s sex with models, because she is still coping with her Lupus diagnosis or another unknown secret?

UPDATE: Selena looked very happy at a concert tonight. Up and down!

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  • Guest
  • Jesus

    OU that’s an old picture when Selena went to nick Jonas and the administration concert. That’s Kevin sir Jonas. That was like four years ago rofl.

    • aaaaa

      i was there! hahaaaaaa… i remember pointing her out to everyone. she cried while nick performed stay, even though I’m still pretty sure that songs about Miley and not Selena. Since Nick got VERY emotional every time he sang it and its hard to believe that he would get that emotional over selena tbh

      • liza

        That song was not about Miley either! Nick said it him self! He said nobody knows, and that it was not about selena or miley, that he would probably one day he was gonna say who did he wrote it for….hmmm a secret love??

        • gath

          this song was about miley he is answeing he stay song,

      • a

        But that is one sad crying not a happy crying, I think she knows it is not about her

  • javi g

    ou please guys stop copying from bad gossip magazines ok magazine really? leave the girl alone she came back from a trip with unicef she was on some sort of religious concert she’s getting better with the help of god.

  • Mary

    She was either on vacation then or already in Nepal with unicef, so I don’t see how she could have been in LA having a break down. Also no pictures or video of this public breakdown?

  • IGround

    She’s probably just having panic attacks or anxiety issues like thousands of other girls and boys. Leave her alone.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Panic attack?

  • Maria Lopez

    Nick really loved her :)

  • honesty

    What even is this story? What even is that gif?

  • “americas sweetheart” my ass

    and that bitch taylor shit isn’t there for her, what a wonderful friend!!1!!1!!

    • HolyGround


  • Troll

    She needs to get help. It sucks I know that Demi is there for her, but she is so busy touring around. I think at this point Selena needs to take a break or go to rehab to escape from this madness.

    • Matt

      She needs to learn how to to deal with her problems. They don’t just vanish you have to deal with them. Its like me not getting my POS car fixed. It went from 1 problem to like 8. 1 problem was easy 8 not so much. It doesn’t look like she’s dealing with everything that is wrong and her problems are just piling up to the sky. I don’t know where she needs to go to learn this but she needs to go there.

  • HolyGround

    Wtf is with that gif

  • nbd

    I remember that time when Selena started to cry at airport just because there were too much paparazzi. This is Selena for ya

  • Guest1

    Doesn’t the girl have like crazy anxiety? Maybe that’s why she was crying… If this story was true that is.

  • BritneyS

    She’s too emotional.

  • BrokenArrow18

    she really has some problems

  • hmmm

    I always thought Mileys song stay was in response to Nick’s song stay…?