Selena Gomez On Nepal Visit ‘Why Would Anything Else Matter’, Compares Herself To Audrey Hepburn

selena-strongselena-strong-3Selena Gomez charity campaign to Nepal has helped improve her tarnished image after Justin Bieber relationship nearly destroyed everything she holds dear. Selena, who is battling Lupus disease, also compared herself to fellow UNICEF Ambassador Audrey Hepburn on Instagram.

  • Mary

    She said Audrey Hepburn was her inspiration, go check her Instagram. This article is very misleading

  • javi g

    good god ou she didn’t compared to audrey. audrey hepburn was one of the first unicef ambassadors and selena was inspired by her stop acting like a teenager you freaks.


    : Pregnancy complications. Women with lupus have an increased risk of miscarriage. Lupus increases the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy (preeclampsia) and preterm birth. To reduce the risk of these complications, doctors recommend delaying pregnancy until your disease has been under control for at least 6 months.

    • M

      Pregnancy is nowhere near her mind right now so stop lying around, you don’t know how much this can affect people (her mom suffured a miscarriage not so long ago…) and her reputation towards other artists.

  • guest

    If Bieber called her she’d drop everything and be on the first flight out of Napal to go back to him.

  • smb

    Ok, I don’t understand something. She’s in Nepal. It is highly unlikely that there are any paparazzi there photographing her unless she paid to bring them there. Other stars have been to Nepal and we never saw any pictures or at least not any till the star returned and we saw personal pictures that the star posted themselves. So, that means her team is posting all of these pictures, which means unlike other stars she must be doing this for publicity to clean up her image. All the stars I know who do charity or humanitarian work in remote locations don’t usually advertise the fact constantly. They may mention it, then leave, do the work, and return, then maybe post a couple of pics, but that’s it. This daily barrage of pictures of her doing good deeds is getting sicking. She doesn’t care, cause if she did, she would turn the cameras off.

    • lol

      it took u this long to write this while u could have search up that she been visiting and doing this since 2009 but okay lol

      • smb

        Uh, I know she has, but a lot of even more famous people do humanitarian and charity work, including many other people do things for UNICEF, but they don’t have cameras following them around, especially in remote locations. That leads me to believe she is using her relationship with UNICEF for publicity and not for the charity and humanitarian work itself like other stars do. She’s not sincere, and I doubt she ever was. TURN OFF the Camera like other star do when they are doing humanitarian and charity work in remote locations.

        • Eva

          They HAVE to have cameras and publicity. How else would rich billionaires make donations? It is all about visibility in the donor community. Believe me I know. And the cameras are UNICEF cameras, she is just doing her job. Whether her intentions are saintly or not, the point is children will be helped – and that is all we should care about.

  • warmi

    i wish she was more hand on, instead of just looking pretty for the cameras she should try to bring awarenes to what going on. I mean i really didnt learn nothing from this and the seem fine why will i help? she need to show me the poverty level and how this kids struggle for me to actually want to help and she dont show nothing about that here! you going to do a job, dont be lazy and do your homework selena so we can learn from the videos, i learn nothing from your video.

  • Eva

    People. This is not an educational video. Do not expect Selena to be telling you about how many children die of hunger in Nepal (although she can still do that if she wants to) there are Development Economists who went to school precisely to do that.
    Selena has donated nearly half a million US$ from her benefit concerts. It is important for her to see where that money goes and how it helps the children, it’s an accountability and transparency mission and that is why the children in this video do not seem all that impoverished – they are part of the UNICEF Programme in Nepal!
    That said, she can also lobby for larger donations from individuals based on what she has seen and as a celebrity who has a lot of publicity and contacts. There were rumours that a sheikh donated a large amount of money after offering it to Selena first. I don';t know how true that story is.

    • Donal

      When I went to Unicef USA last day they told me she has already donated 1.5 millons.

    • Melissa

      tsheikh gave Justin a 3 million dollar ring to give to Selena when she was still dating Justin Biber but Justin refused to accept it. Then Selena said if he wanted to give her something special he should donate money to unicef and Ryan Seacrest Foundation and he gave each charity 1 million dollars. it was not her donation it was a tshekhs donation to justin