Nick Jonas Has Recovered From Black Eye At Batting Cage + Joe Poses With Pancake The Cat

jonas-pancake (2)jonas-pancake (4)Thankfully Nicholas Jonas has recovered from his black eye! It’s unclear what date the ‘black eye’ photo was taken or whether it was caused from an on set injury, merely stage makeup or happened after a domestic disturbance.

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  • Uio

    Haha joe jonas always makes me laugh

  • Mari

    the black eye was just stage makeup…… That picture of it was taken yesterday rme .. omfg lol

    love Joe’s snapchats tho :D

  • hudgens.

    That is one creepy lookin cat.

  • anon

    The cat is cute and Joe is a bad daddy! He abandoned Winston once he grew up.

  • Guest

    Yay my Nickypooh,s face is all better

    • Cvb

      is was a make up you know

  • JoeJonasTroops

    this post shouldn’t be tagged blanda

    • Michelleg3323

      Joe and Blanda can’t be separated. Lol

  • JoeJonasTroops

    i wish people would realize how adorable pancake is and stop bitching about Winston, i know it’s sad but just get over it! i want Joe to be able to be happy about being honest with us fans because we understand/love/support him, that’s the reason why he released that ‘my life as a Jonas brother’ article and told s about his darkest secrets, it’s why he’s going on a tour to talk about all things personal, it’s probably why he’s so open about his annoying relationship, don’t make him regret being our friend! Kevin is sharing pictures of alena with us, at first i thought dani wasn’t gonna except for some reason, it turns out to be, they think of us as family too :D please stop bugging Joe about Winston, at the end of the day, it’s his life and his dog, Winston is 100% somewhere safe and with someone that loves/cares for him a lot and that’s all that matters.

    • cam

      So are you saying that Winston has a new owner or was he put to sleep??

      • JoeJonasTroops

        i’m saying we should stop harassing Joe

        • cam

          I wasn’t making any judgement, just asking if he was put to sleep or a new owner. I’ve had to do both, it hurts deeply.

          • JoeJonasTroops

            i have no idea, he won’t say anything, i know it hurts to do either, but it’s non of our buisness

          • cam

            Please tell me he wasn’t so irresponsible that he left Winston alone w/o food & water as he traveled/vacationed. Please, please!!

          • JoeJonasTroops

            so he left him…but i couldn’t picture him dumping Winston in the middle of the high way, i mean, obviously he wouldn’t leave hi unless he’s in good care :)

    • You

      As long as fans like you keep calling his relationship “annoying”, he’ll never be fully open about anything. He thought the fans had grown up, and I’m sure he was really disappointed when he realize just how many children there really still are. His relationship shouldn’t annoy you. You aren’t involved and it has no affect on your life. He doesn’t live to please fans. I think fans forget that he doesn’t make all his decisions with fans reactions in mind. He’s living his life and doing what he wants to do. If that’s not ok for some kids who wish he would spend all his time doing what they want him to do, too bad. I don’t think he’s intent on keeping fans by trying to please them. Most fans aren’t worth keeping anyway. They spam his accounts, hate on the woman he loves and criticize everything he does. I wouldn’t care about a bunch of dipshits like that either.

      • JoeJonasTroops

        the reason why i hate blanda is a COMPLETE different story! i don’t like her because of the lack of personality she has, because she’s a gigantic liar, hypocrite, faker, good at pretending and a fame whore, you don’t believe me? i got 10000000s of evidence…but that leads us to a whole other story, i don’t hate her because she’s dating him, in fact, if she puts a smile on his face, she’s also putting a smile on my face :) the fact that i dislike blanda has NOTHING to do with joe!

  • ammm

    His kitty is precious. I just lost my black kitty earlier this month :,(
    its been rough, but I can’t help but wonder what happened to Winston; although, I am sure he is safe and sound in a new home getting plenty of attention!

  • cam

    Does anyone know if Nick is driving a white sports car???

    • celia

      He has a Mercedes Benz