Selena Gomez LESBIAN Hangout With Suki Waterhouse And Cara Delevinge Known Lesbians

selena-lesibnaselena-lesibanMentally and physically ill Selena Gomez may be a lesbian. She posted photographs with known bisexual/ lesbian Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse. Selena is currently struggling to survive with Lupus disease.

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  • asdfg

    Someone that was there said on Twitter that Sel and Cara were kissing, but it could be BS.

    • Guest1

      Yeah I doubt that ^^

    • Anon

      Cara was taylor’s ho though so doubt it

    • Anon

      Cara is dating Michele Rodriguez.

      • JC

        i think i’ve read somewhere that they broke up

    • thecat61

      So what if they were. Ain’t no big deal. It’s 2014 not the 50’s.

  • lol

    sorry, but isn’t it a little bit illogical?


    selena is bisexual she had sex with miley

    • Maggie

      No no Taylor had sex with Miley, how else would Miley know how “boring” Taylor is in bed?

  • HellNo

    so now if u hang out with lesbian u are automatically lesbian too? i must be lesbian then and i didnt even know…. even if she is (which i doubt but maybe im wrong) good for her, hope she is happier now

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Selena is definitely doing cocaine, hanging out with a bunch of cokeheads.

    Poor Justin, having to deal with her!

    • Guest1


  • Sarcasm

    Wow your logic is flawless OceanUp

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Hanging out with a lesbian doesn’t make you a lesbian.

  • Bea

    Could you report in any more of a distasteful fashion? I have refrained from posting a comment on here for weeks after seeing poorly reported article after poorly report article but this time I just could not overlook this piece of ill-advised reporting. Everything about this post is based upon assumption and tabloid speculation. The tone and content of this post is ill advised and completely novice. Specifically when your target audience is teenage girls from 12-17, you are feeding them biased lies and generalised statements. I am a 21 year old female and I could not be more ashamed of this site. You have no factual proof that anybody is a lesbian unless they have openly come out or you personally know them. Stop reporting on a sub – par level and lift your game Oceanup. You look like your site is run by 12 year olds.

    • Mirela

      It is actually run by little kids. Everybody realized months ago. Their articles are so falsely proven. They act as if Selena is a lesbian and ill and she belongs to mentally ill patients. This website is full of shit and bullshit. They do not know how to run a website let alone write an accurate article.

  • Eva

    There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian. And hanging out with one doesn’t mean you are one too… That said I would totally ship Selena and Cara or Selena and Ashley Benson.

  • gust

    Yes!! I ship Selena and Cara since this

    • x

      omg i had no idea that was cara and they had known each other for so long lol

  • Zoe

    You don’t have to be lesbian to hang out with lesbians. I used to, does that make me lesbian? No. I just had FRIENDS who were LESBIANS. Nothing wrong with lesbians, chill.

  • Maggie


  • Anon

    Umm suki is not gay, she’s straight and has been friends with Cara since they were kids. Although they act suspicious, bet they’ve fooled around.

  • Mirela

    This article is so offensive. Could this site be anymore stupid and disgraceful? Just because you hang out with lesbians doesn’t make you a lesbian. A lesbian is determine if they hang out and date! If a guy hung out with gay men, does that make him gay? NO!!! You people are disgraceful and idiots.

  • Zaina777

    The description really made me laugh…Selena can’t find her way….so she is hanging out with well known lesbians meaning she is possibly transitioning into becoming a lesbian while dealing with Lupus…Oceanup has become soap opera…

  • Pamela Lansbury

    Rumors said that she was dating Charity, the red haired back-up dancer (lol)

  • javi g

    this is the country we live in. if some one hangs out with a gay person then you are automatically gay. rumors or not people specially teenagers should learn to respect and tolerate minorities. including black people and latinos. she was hanging out with friends including cara in a concert.