Miley Cyrus Releases DRUNK INSTAGRAM VIDEOS + Maserati & Jewelry Were Stolen From Her Home On Friday

miley-drunkMiley Cyrus got drunk after and her show and posted Instagram videos. Last night two burglars broke into her home and stole jewelry and a 2014 Maserati luxury sedan on Friday night. A man and a woman scaled a fence and got inside the house and garage while no one was home.

WATCH Miley’s amazing drunk Instagram videos under the cut!

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  • jayde

    how do you know about the break in ? where is the source for this? and which house was it at?

    • thecat61


      • jayde

        ok i get all that, when they first posted this, i hadn’t heard any news on this break in, OU should have posted a source with the paragraph.

        • thecat61

          OU likes to play head games and apparently they succeed at times.

  • adv

    Don’t Miley and Selena know that alcohol worsens depression? When you’re sad just scream on the top of your lungs. It works for me ;)

  • smb

    Yes her house was broke into. It was on the news. On another note. She really doesn’t appear drunk but just having a good time. Finally if she is drunk, she still sings better than most of the singers out there.

    • thecat61

      Lmao. But if she is, I don’t blame her.

      These girls are 21, legal, let it go.

  • Chibiusa

    How are people always breaking into her house? Doesn’t she have security or live in a secure neighborhood? Poor Miley tbh :/

  • TrueSmiler

    False cry early, false crazy fun later.

    False person all the time.

    Everything just for try get attention.

    Sick boring slut.

    Just the truth.


  • hunty

    I saw her show last night, she basically took these videos in the plane out my country aw but I gotta say she KILLED the show. it was so insanely good, so so much better than i expected

  • Eva

    Why do people feel the need to post videos when they are drunk?

    • thecat61

      Idk. But i’d rather see this than nudes.She’s having a good time.

      • Eva

        I would honestly rather not see both.
        But is she really having a good time? The crying in the shower posts are kinda scary…

        • thecat61

          I know where you’re coming from. But I guess this is her way to unwind and try to forget her troubles of the day.

  • Jes

    lol her brother looks so funny dancing

  • yeya

    I don’t care about Miley, Braison is so damn hot omfg.

  • BrokenArrow18

    lmao I want to ge high with her

    • thecat61

      I’m with ya!

  • Godney