• Maggie

    She looks like an anime character for some reason.

    • guest

      It is a new costume for her show and as she had a show tonight in Helsinki, Finland she had probably taken the photos as she came off stage.

  • fff

    omg she needs to stop. the attention seeking is a big ridiculous.

    • aly

      Shut up. She’s not trying to get attention, she’s just sad because she lost her pet, please. Pets can be like family. You’re heartless.

      • delle

        Yes, it is normal to mourn. But to the extent that she’s doing it, and all over social media is not necessarily a normal way to do it. It seems rather concerning. Her parents need to step in and actually see that there is something wrong with their daughter. She needs them, and they’re just milking her for money instead of taking the time to fix what’s wrong. She seems really upset to me by some of the things she has said.

        • honesty

          Thank you! Preach!

      • fff

        I lost two of my precious babies within the last year… I know what its like. They were my babies and my family. I am not heartless so DO NOT even go there. She doesn’t need to be pouring everything onto social media like that. She is sadly still somewhat a role model since she is a celebrity. She needs to show girls how to be strong facing all these trials and tribulations. She’s obviously not in a good place and someone should step into help her. So shut it because you honestly just pissed me off dude.

  • thecat61

    Usually you’re naked when you take a shower. Lol

    Her Studio City home was burglarized again.

  • nina

    i lost my dog too and i did everything i could to save her and it hurt really bad cause you feel like you could have done something better to save her. now miley is going all out on this thing i mean it’s ok to love your dog but come on. she is the epitomy of the saying “money does not give you happiness.”

  • Geronimo

    I understand why she is upset. Losing a pet in general is really hard, especially the way Floyd went. I send my condolences to her. I still miss my pets that I lost several years ago. But this is turning into a bit much. Here’s the thing, I personally don’t believe in picking favorites. Animals / pets are family, if you wouldn’t pick a favorite child, don’t do it for a pet. She didn’t react nearly this bad when Lila was killed by one of her own dogs. And she got another dog shortly after Floyd’s passing! I’m not Miley, and I know people mourn differently, but I think she needs to take a bit of a break, take time for herself, and don’t get anymore dogs unless she feels 100% ready…especially if she isn’t around all the time to take care of them in the first place. Both deaths could have possibly been avoided.

    • Cohen

      She gave away the pet she got after Floyd because she didn’t feel ready…

    • thecat61

      You do know she doesn’t have Moonie anymore, right?

      About taking a break, she’s almost done with this European tour and then she’s off for a month before she finishes up with the US tour.

      • Geronimo

        Oh. No I didn’t know that. Thanks for the update. But I hope it will be good for her to take the break.

        • thecat61

          Me too. Now she has to deal with her house being burglarized again. When it rains it pours.

    • guest

      I think all of the emotional turmoil right now has been heightened due to her being notified that her home had been burglarized Saturday night (the 31st). This would restir the pot that was probably cooling off after the death of her dog.

      • thecat61

        LAPD is reporting that some jewelry and her Maserati were stolen.

  • Hollyhysteria

    This is unhealthy

  • maria

    oh miley,don’t feel bad,he will always be in your tour and mind.#STAYSTONGANDBEBRAVE..

  • rose.garden

    Omg stfu about Floyd already

  • Jess

    Please, just stop. PLEASE!!!

  • JoeJonasTroops

    poor baby :( it must hurt to lose a pet, but it’s been a month now, she wasn’t even this depressed about liam, i’m sure she wouldn’t even make the death of her father as big f a deal

  • BangBang

    Can someone get this girl some professional help or someone to talk to because she clearly needs it.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Shower or bed are the places where you start thinking about things tbh.