Harry Styles Shaking Bum In Manchester

Harry Styles twerks his butt for Directioners in Manchester. Perrie and Zayn’s family were at the concert last night! Simon Cowell defended 1D to Digital Spy: ‘What I can say is that they’re the hardest-working boys I’ve ever worked with.

They still haven’t changed. They’re really respectful of their fans [and] they’re a great British export.. they’ve been a joy to work with. I’ve worked with a lot of artists in the past who do lose the plot, who do lose respect for their fans, they’ve never done that.’

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  • laura
  • Tash

    I remember when all the Miley drama started, an interview with Harry basically saying that he thought twerking was inappropriate. I was like, wtf! = All the shit you do?? Your entire fucking existence is inappropriate! Celebs are silly mother fuckers. Don’t talk about other people when you are just as bad dumb ass!

    • Duckyhoward15

      He didn’t talk about Miley he just said he doesn’t like to twerk cos his younger fans might use it in a wrong way and no he wasn’t twerking here

      • Tash

        I said it was around the time all the drama started. So the question stemmed from that. I didn’t say he mentioned her specifically. Also I thought it was odd coming from him since they post pics in their underwear, touch each other indecently at concerts, do lots of other weird shit like eating a candy thong off each other & talking about how he likes to just strip & do random shit like that. Twerking is the least of anyone’s concern if that’s what you do & think nothing off it. Twerking is a dance move. Not a very decent one, but it still qualifies & isn’t as bad as some other dance moves like grinding etc. But the point was, Harry isn’t saintly, hence why I thought that comment was odd.

        • Duckyhoward15

          He isn’t and he knows it and we all know it but once he twerked during TCAs the young fans kept doing it and some of them got in trouble so as always he said don’t do that cos he finds it wrong and yeah they get naked but Liam warned fans more than once not to do it , the thing is they want to do what they want but also want to warn their fans so they wonot do it especially that lots of them are young

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Niall looks so cute with the Irish princess crown lmaoo

  • Duckyhoward15

    He is so cute