Kylie Jenner Black Bathing Suit Model Pic

kylie-bathing-suitkylieKylie Jenner models a sexy black bathing suit on Instagram.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Old pic.

    • Sammy B

      which picture is old? the one with the black bathing suit or the other one?

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        :) The black bathing suit. It’s not that old but it was already posted some months back.

  • Amma

    You know, I’m not that fond of the Kardashians/ Jenner girls, but i do have to say, i enjoy seeing healthy women with meat on their bones. They really are beautiful and curvy and they embrace their curves so well. Wish more celebrities could do that

    • gabby

      On what planet are the Jenners curvy?????? Lol.

      • Rocky

        Curvy doesn’t always mean big. Kylie is actually curvy, just not the stereotypical version of curvy that society has planted in our heads.

      • smb

        She not overweight or skinny. She is the very definition of what curvy means. Too many overweight people have taken the term curvy and tried to apply it to themselves to make them feel better about being overweight.

        • honesty


        • Amma

          Exactly what I was getting at! Thank you. So sick of overweight unhealthy people walking around calling themselves curvy.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Curvy has many definitions depending on who’s identifying it.

      • Sammy B

        oh my god. I would kill for her LEGS!

  • Niousha

    She somehow reminds me of my aunt. I guess it’s the hair, eyes and lips.

  • laura

    whats wit the vein near her knee and no implants

    • Jes

      i think its a scar