Selena Gomez ‘All Night With Girls’

selena-dancedRehabbed addict Selena Gomez stayed up all night with lesbian Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse and other random irrelevant people: Danced all night with KP, then total girls night in talkin till mornin #theyjustwannnaaaa #ohhhhgirls.

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  • honesty

    She had a crush on Bradley Cooper and now she’s hanging with his gf. Hahaha, and Georgia May Jagger is not irrelevant, OU.

    • guest

      Selena wants to join the Brad/Suki/Cara threesomes

      • honesty


    • laura

      Suki and Bradley broke up though or are they back together?
      Georgia May Jagger is gorgeous!

      • honesty

        Oh really? I forgot about that. Now that you say that, I do remember hearing about them breaking up. Well, whatever the case, I still find it funny that ex gf has her arm wrapped around Selena.

  • lana

    I’m 99% sure she’s bi. And I heard Suki and Cara were hooking up after she dropped Michelle.

  • Chibiusa

    I’m glad she’s hanging out with these girls rather than the Jenners and Bieber :)

  • bleh

    Why do you always see her out and hanging with random people that she probably doesn’t know. And then you never see her hang with them again. Nothing is wrong with keeping your circle small. Gotta have people you trust.

    • ta

      Cara hangs out with everyone who goes to UK and is willing to party, it’s her welcoming

  • lol

    let the girl live, she’s 21 for f*cks sake

  • lol
    • Eva


  • Eva

    I actually like Cara…

    • Anon

      Well she’s awesome so

  • Cara on dol photoshoot
  • asdfghjkl

    Get that pussy, Selena!

  • suspect

    Oceanup has a creepy jealousy towards Selena and get very mad when she is with Justin, Niall and now even Cara

  • lisa

    She seems to just latch on to any “it” girl of the moment, first the kardashian sisters, now cara and suki.

    • Yep Sure.
    • Guest

      Lma0 @ the jenner girls being “it” girls!! If selena wanted to be seen with “it” girls wouldn’t she try to hang out with Emma stone, Jennifer Lawrence or shailene woodley? Being seen with them would actually help her career not the kardashians

      • lisa

        why else would a 21/22 year old hang out with kylie and her crew than for publicity.

        • Guest

          Taylor Swift regularly hangs out with 16 & 17 year olds so you can’t use the age difference thing as a definite sign of publicity. I will agree with you that them hanging out together was planned because selena was probably considering kris as her manager & the jenner girls will do anything for publicity (eg hendall). But they’re definitely not “it” girls

  • laura

    Wait so let me get this right. We have Demi in London and we have Selena in London but they didn’t hang out. Yet she’s hanging out with people known for drinking way too much and for snorting cocaine. Remember that little plastic baggie Cara droppped which had white powder in it? Yet we have Selena claiming she only wants to surround herself with good influences and stupid shit like that. Interesting.

    • Cali

      I’ve learned she’s pretty much all talk no action at this point

      • laura

        Looks like it.
        It’s just funny how both claim to be such great friends yet they haven’t found the time to even grab some starbucks together now that they’re both in the same place.

        • Anonymous

          It is possible to evade paparazzi and not post personal pictures.

          • laura

            Please, she’s posting all kinds of pictures of her and all these other girls. She could easily post one of her and Demi. Don’t be stupid.

  • javi g

    as i said before nothing against lesbians but if selena was a lesbian or bi-sexual i would chose better girls and cleaner girls.than cara and suki. i would rather see selena with taylor swift or benson that would be hot.

  • Mkay

    I feel like she switches who she hangs our with like every week. I feel like she’s phony && one of those girls who try hard to fit in. Idk why lol she just comes off like that too me.

  • Zaina777

    I know she’s getting older but I miss the old Selena. The one who dressed really nice like everyday. The one that was fun loving in the non partying way. The one that was wholesome.