Selena Gomez’s ‘SECRET PROJECT’ Details Finally Revealed ‘Latin Things Included’

selena-gomez-pussy-grabselena-secret-projectSelenators finally can breathe. Details about Selena Gomez’s Secret Project have been revealed on Vine. Selena stealthily commented when asked about it, ‘Latin Things Included.’ Be on the lookout for Selena’s secret comments on social media, a lot times she deletes them quickly!

  • tom

    did she pee on herself? I dont get why she posing like that?

    • BrokenArrow18

      that picture just doesnt make sense lol

      • Cali

        She’s entered the miley school of nonsensical pics.

  • Cali

    Is that pic trying to be sexy, cute, or creepy? Cuz it’s failing at two of those things.

  • honesty

    Are we supposed to know what that means or..