Justin Bieber Goes On Extravagant Mexican Vacation To Escape The Racist Backlash After Reps Release ‘Apology’

justin-bieber-mexican-racist (20)justin-bieber-mexican-racist (2)CapturePossible racist Justin Bieber rocked a mustache and went on vacation to Mexico with friends renting a villa in Playa del Carmen. It has five bedrooms, a private squash court, gym equipment, sunken trampoline, outdoor hot tub.

It rents for $1,550 – $4,000 a night and even comes with a private chef and a personal concierge. BFF Khalil and basic singer Rita Ora are partying it up to celebrate the publicity he got with his racist video. Disgusting. Via TMZ.

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  • threelittlebirds

    it amazes me how much money celebs can throw on a hotel, or just anything in general. it’s probably just me, but i’d rather see that money go a good cause or something. they money won’t last forever, and you’ll probably feel dumb knowing you spent it foolishly, than when you actually need it.


  • anna

    a hotel would be worth 1500-4000 a night, you get what you pay for. it has 5 bedrooms, so 5 or more people are there, and you get gym equipment thats nice equipment and you dont have to be around other people. then a private chef so you know youre eating good/healthy.

    but some celebs do spend their money on stupid things. like a huge house when theyre the only person living there. or super baggy clothes that dont fit properly. but i wouldnt include a hotel as spending foolishly.

  • anonymous

    i’m surprised barack didn’t say anything

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

      Why? Because he is black?