Kylie & Kendall Walk In New York City

Kendall & Kylie Jenner Visit "Good Morning America"Reality stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner drop by ABC Studios for an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ on June 3, 2014 in New York City, New York. The girls, recently back from attending their sister Kim Kardashian’s wedding in Italy, are promoting their new book, ‘Rebels.’ Photos: FameFlynet.

UPDATE from Lindsey: ‘I was walking into Nobu Fifty Seven in NYC last night and Kendall and Kylie Jenner were outside taking a picture with a fan. I noticed them right away and said hi and asked for pictures with them! Kendall said she loved my hair and I said ‘thank you kylie was my inspiration for it!’

Which was completely true! I always had long black hair and I cut it all off and did ombrè about a month ago because I was obsessed with Kylie’s! Kylie and I were wearing the same Balenciaga bag! After we took pics, we went in Nobu and they were in the booth right next to us! So awesome I’m still in shock! :)


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I wore overalls with chucks and my hair all over my head at 16.
    High heels what?
    Make up, huh?
    It still surprises me how much we’re living in a completely new era.

    Sidenote – She looks pretty and her ankle looks like it’s about to break.
    What’s this book suppose to be about? The name ‘Rebels’ makes me curious.

  • honesty

    They look so good! I love these girls!

  • a

    Kylie looks so old. Kendall wears a lot of makeup and whatnot also, but at least she still looks young and fresh-faced. Kylie looks about 25, which is really sad considering she’s only 16.

  • ….

    they never wear loose clothing and sneakers? for me they’re babies trying to look like womens and and that’s sad..

    enjoy while you’re young! hahahaha

  • johnny

    This book is about two girls, one from a rich side of town whose father invented birth control, and one from a poor side of town where the people cant afford plastic surgery. So even though I’m pretty sure they didn’t write it, only these two could come up with a shallow idea like this.

    • honesty

      Wow, I was way off. Hahahah.

    • laura

      OMG that sounds absolutely ridiculous.
      Definitely if you know that birth control was invented by some old Belgian dude who used to live in my city..
      Woohoo now you guys learned something as well haha
      It better flops or I’ll have lost faith in humanity..

    • Jes

      lol it isnt that at all they only thing is one is rich and the other is poor

      • honesty

        Omg wtf is this book about! I’m lost.

      • johnny

        Yes it is I googled it and it is confirmed on many sites. The first two chapters are online now.

  • Scarlets

    That hair cut doesn’t compliment her face.

  • jayde

    seems weird, i wouldn’t read it.

    ” Governess begged me to get a chest alteration before the party season. I refused again and again, and she would sigh dramatically, whole body crumpling as though I had stabbed her with my zinger.
    Governess believes in enhancements with the same intensity she believes in perfectly tied waist sashes. Her own face ceased changing when she began her yearly visits to the Rejuvenation Island Clinic. You could not discern her age unless you noticed the dullness in her eyes. She has yet to have the sparkle put back in, which is a very painful procedure.
    Up here in the upmost of Upper Levels, we have everything we could possibly want for, according to Governess, who never fails to want for an opinion. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include an actual person with whom I can have an actual conversation”

    this bit stuck out for me lol i wonder how much is based on themselves.