Miley ‘Pretty Girls (Fun)’ New Song LISTEN!

  • Rah

    I found that a lot of the songs on “Bangerz” were too try-hard, but thank goodness this crappy song didn’t make the cut.

  • Hello

    She needs to get rid ofditch the f**king MikeWillMadeIt tag in every song. Especially when the beat doesn’t fit.

    • stfu

      LOL he’s a rap producer… that’s how they get their name out… aka “m-m-m-maybach music” same difference

  • lol

    can something this shitty even be labeled as music

    • thecat61

      You’re so funny.

  • BrokenArrow18

    too lazy tolisten to it

  • Benjamin

    This is just the beat and backing vocals. You can tell that it’s missing the lead vocals. I would LOVE to hear it completed. <3

  • Eva


  • Ville

    This is not new song, this is from Bangerz Tour. This song plays before she performs ’23’

  • Laura

    Listened to it for about 5 seconds and sounds just as shitty as the rest of her new music.

  • Cici

    Actually love this