Demi Lovato Attempted Crowd Surf At London KOKO 2014 Watch Demi Ride Her Lovatics!

Watch Demi Lovato‘s crowd surfing attempt in London KOKO. +1 under! Demi also just Tweeted that she dyed her hair again! ‘If you wanna see my new hair color you have to tune into @latenightseth tonight.’

  • laura

    I shouldn’t be laughing but that was pretty hilarious omfg



  • Maggie


  • Chibiusa

    why do I feel embarassed for her?

  • honesty
  • anon

    lmao “riding her lovatics”

  • Mary

    Aren’t you supposed to fall backwards?? She didn’t even give them a warning, maybe if they were prepared it would’ve went better

    • anon

      Idk if she fell backwards she could have hit her head or spine and end up paraplegic or in a coma

  • Bleh

    Why are you gonna try to crowd surf on a bunch of little girls?? I doubt they could carry you (and that’s not a comment on her weight) As much as she wants to be she is not that kind of singer. She needs to get over it.

    • This Is God

      Crowd surf on a bunch of little girls. That is funny.

  • BrokenArrow18




    • This Is God

      It is funny tbh. Realy Funny.

  • Oh my….lol

    Omg she did it wrong. Demi is so crazy you dont jump forward you lay backwards && It looks like they got to crazy and the guards pulled her back. But it was && iknow some people are gonna try to use this as a way to pick on her or call her fat when you know she’s not so don’t even start with that.

  • no

    What an idiot. Did she not go to enough punk shows when she was fifteen to know better than to just BELLYFLOP onto people without warning and expect them to hold you up? She needs to think about her and her fans’ safety because that just looked violent and dangerous. Her life is a bellyflop.

    • Andi

      Your face is a bellflop. Don’t be rude to others if you can’t handle it yourself.

    • aly

      SHE FELL, you dumb idiot. She wasn’t even trying to crowdsurf, she was trying to get back to the stage after falling and her fans were pulling her. You can sit your ass.




    What a faillllll

  • threelittlebirds

    oh demi…

    i just saw on twitter she dyed her hair lavender and silver ombre. it looks pretty cool.

  • Renee W

    i mean shes kind of on the heavier side…why the hell would try to crowd surf

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Back off.

    • Andi

      I mean, you’re kind of on the dumb side. Why the hell would you try and open your mouth?

    • Kelly L

      Eat my ass tbh she’s 5’2″ and even though she’s not a stick at 5’2″ there’s no way she weighs more than 130. 30-60 pounds less than men who have done it. Weight had nothing to do with it.

    • Sammy B

      did i go to school with you? i knew a renee w & she was just judgmental as this girl! plus, we would always put our first name than last name initial for everything…? hmm..

  • Cat

    it kind of looks like she wasn’t trying to crowd surf, it kind of looked like she was just going to stand on that thing and be higher but fell. You crowd surf on your back and with both arms out which she did neither which kind of suggests it wasn’t a “planned crowd surf” but just falling over lol Also her guards were immediately trying to pull her out as she was falling.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    I feel sorry for her now! One humiliation after another!

    • Dyniane

      That must be how your mother feels about giving birth to you. I’d be humiliated if I were her lmao

  • Zaina777

    Aww…I feel really bad for laughing but that was actually hilarious.

  • thecat61


  • Eva

    Just going to put that out there…

    • Nala

      lol @ Demi so fucking hard! That was funny. She needs lessons from Justin and most rock bands. Jared Leto and his band are definitely in love with their fans and get very touchy and feely with them a lot during and after concerts so I hear. Justin also kisses and crowd surfs alot so does Rihanna. The only weirdo I know is Avril Lavigne, she acts like ehr fans have herpes or smething, reminds me of something I saw on twitter.

      • Ye

        Keep talking Bitches. QUEEN.

    • This Is God

      Yeah Yeah but Justin Though.
      KING OF POP.

      • JoeJonasTroops

        he never surfs the crowd, did you even watch the video?

  • This Is God

    LMAO . Watch her ride her Lovatics! Can’t. Stop. Laughing. Man.

    • thecat61

      I can’t stop laughing either. lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!