Olivia Culpo To Be HONORED At The Crowne Plaza In Providence For Her Charitable Work!

olivia-honorFormer Miss Universe Olivia Culpo wil be honored at Crowne Plaza
The DaVinci Center for Community Progress, located on Charles Street in Providence at their annual dinner on Tuesday, June 17 at 7 PM.

The DaVinci Center’s annual Community Humanitarian Award Dinner recognizes those individuals who have given of themselves to charitable causes. There will be a special VIP event with Olivia starting at 6 PM for taking pictures developed right on the spot and suitable for framing.

More info HERE! Wish I was in Rhode Island, I would go! #OLIVES

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    This woman is so gorgeous and she has a really good heart as well.

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  • XaskTaylorX

    Waitttttttttt. I’m lost, all I have seen her do is model. Don’t have time to look it up. Model for a cause? 0___o Congrats anyways?!? Lol.

    • Geronimo

      Basically when you win the title of whatever you won, you hold a lot of responsibilities including charity work. The same thing as a Goodwill Ambassador. So as far as I’m concerned, yeah, basically what you said, model for a cause.

      (I know absolutely NOTHING about pageants, so I’m basing my reply off of what I looked up online)

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