Austin Mahone ‘People Comparing Me To Justin Bieber Is Obnoxious.. You Don’t Know Me. You Don’t Know My Music’

Austin Mahone Riding Jet Skis In MiamiAustin Mahone is now distancing himself from music pariah Justin Bieber! Austin complained to ABC News about Bieber comparisons: ‘I can kind of see where they’re coming from, but at the same time, it’s kind of obnoxious.They see a young kid who sings and dances and.. they’re like,

‘Oh another Justin Bieber.’ Like, you don’t even know. You don’t know me. You don’t know my music. You’re just making assumptions. I may not be the best dancer or the best performer right now, but I’m always getting better. Next year I’ll be even better than I am now. And the year after that, I’ll just keep getting better.’

Mahone is signed to Lil Wayne’s Cash Money/ Young Money and will tour in July and hopes to release a full-length album by November.’ Has he fell in love yet? ‘I’m sure when it hits me, it’ll hit me.’ Looks like he doesn’t love Camila :\

Austin talks about his first job at a bowling alley on Chelsea Lately under!


  • Anna

    If he doesn’t want to be compared to justin, he shouldn’t have signed to cash money.

  • Alex

    But aren’t their music the same thing ?

    • BrokenArrow18

      Austin’s more old pop with electronic sounds combined. When Justin started he was just pop now he’s giving r&b vibes so no.

  • anonymous

    no i think you never broke through because you changed into a loser

  • Becki Spence

    Fair enough – I don’t think anybody wants to be compared to Justin right now. Furthermore, he understandably wants to be recognised as an artist in his own right…but, as he kind of acknowledges, there is much to be compared between him and JB. He really has yet to establish himself as an individual…I’ll watch this space but so far NONE of his material interest me and all I hear is a somewhat JB inspired singer/dancer.

  • anon

    So maybe he should stop to dress just like Justin

    • BrokenArrow18

      then all the boys should go around naked since most of them dress like that?

  • delia

    who is Justin kissing in that picture?

    • Emma Stone

      i think it’s supposed to be Austin but i don’t know him. I don’t know his music either. I’m probably just making an assumption.

    • BrokenArrow18

      they were kissing Birdman’s daughter

  • JUG

    Austin Mahone copies Justin in every way possible and then has the nerve to complain that people are comparing him to Justin??!?! What an ungrateful, loser. If Justin were still riding high as he was in 2012, I bet Austin would be thrilled with the comparison. Now that Justin is slipping, he is objecting to comparisons!!!

    Here’s the truth Austin: You, Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson are the exact same artist. It was not a coincidence. Your management actively tried to make you a clone of Bieber. You agreed. Too late now to go back. Video is permanent. You better pray that Justin remains successful because if the original fails, all the clones will also be done. Pray for the success of Justin’s perfumes.

    • BrokenArrow18

      ungrateful? how so? He used to lookup to him when he was younger I dont think it minded him till it got really annoying since he’s trying to do what he loves to do that happens to be the same thing Justin and so many others young boys out there love to do and he gets called a wannabe.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    and yet there he is with his snapback and shirtless self, singing cheesy ass pop music catering to tween and teen girls….

    girl plz. rme rme rme

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    literally rolling my eyes so hard that I got a migraine.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Once you get to “know” him you can totally see he’s nothing like Bieber. Their music is not even the same, I hate when I see comments like ‘he even does the same music’ like wth that comparation irks me the most like, whats the point of music genres then? isnt everyone in the same category of music the same then? That’s not a valid reson to call him out imo. And if you see boys around his age they ALL dress the same, that doesnt mean they’re trying to be JB. I think he’s doing s pretty good job, it’s hard for young males to get in the music industry because everyone releates them to bieber and its gets harder to build your own name and everything because of that. So props to you Austin!.

  • Guest

    The things people points out to compare him to justin makes me want to punch a baby in the face with a brick tbh.

  • thecat61

    Does anybody know his music?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Mahone is a cutie!
    He needs to be honest with himself. His whole career is bleak at the moment (and he could be doing so much better) but he has mimicked Justin in a lot of ways, he’s like a shadow of Justin.

  • Anonymous

    But, he literally has no musical identity that sets him apart or makes him unique from any male teenage/YA singer from an outside perspective. His songs are cliche and he doesn’t really have a schtick other than old school JB. I can see if you’re really a fan and you know his favorite color and the name of his dog then you think he’s different, but from anyone who’s never even heard of him, I can assure you 9/10 times they’re not interested. They’ve seen it all before.

  • dsojfreijw

    this guy is gay to so gay

  • Emmy

    This is laughable. I’m not even a Bieber fan… at all, but I can admit that he sings better than this kid. Austin’s handlers are spewing shit into his ear. He is a pure carbon copy of Bieber and he should know it. His music sounds like NSYNC and he brings nothing new to the table. I saw him perform the national anthem yesterday, it was mediocre. Wow, if he was a really good dancer, maybe he could get a pass. But no, he can’t even sing or dance at a high level. Before he gets a huge ego, he needs to get some actual vocal lessons and pay his dues.