Justin Bieber Donald Sterling Racist Comparison ‘Why Isn’t Bieber Treated Same Way As Sterling?’

justin-bieber-hoes (4)justin-bieber-racist-falloutPossible racist Justin Bieber is being compared to known racist Donald Sterling after his disgusting videos were released bashing ‘n*ggers’. It is not confirmed who sold and acquired Bieber’s videos, but could it have been an angry ex-girlfriend? Sterling’s ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano played a part in the exposure of his racism.

Lupe Fiasco told MTV about Bieber: ‘Justin Bieber said it [so] it’s cool, and people are already coming to his defense. I don’t think anybody should be allowed to profit off racism. Donald Sterling made a billion dollars [when] he sold the team, and there was such an uproar about somebody who didn’t use the N-word at all, but then you have somebody who made a very racist joke about it.

I wonder if Justin Bieber’s gonna get the same treatment as Donald Sterling? I don’t think he will,” Lupe said, answering his own question. It’s an absurd thing, you get somebody who we ‘like’ who says it, and says it even more ‘racist-ier’ and we don’t bat an eyelash at it.

It wasn’t a good move to make but he accepted what he did and he don’t use that lingo around us. We ain’t personally see the video anyway we just heard about, but it feels [like it’s] in the past and that’s not what we condone.

Drake Bell Tweeted: ‘Donald Sterling caught saying racist thing and ruins career. @justinbieber gets caught and the excuse ‘He doesn’t know any better’ is useDrake Bell @DrakeBell.’ Why are people defending Bieber and not Donald Sterling?

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  • Name

    Okay, drake bell we get you don’t justin bieber, would you like a f***king cookie now… Or ?

  • orman

    seriously. Donald sterling didnt even say the word nigger. he said dont bring black people to my games. Justin Bieber says nigger.. not once, not twice, three times, laughs about it with his friends, and moves on with his life. at 15, i knew right from wrong. at 15, you’re a freshman in high school. theres no excuse like “oh he was young.” young? oh okay……. anyways, i get that the situations arent the same. but when you start saying “oh he has black friends he couldnt possibly be racist…” then i will compare the two., well donald sterling coached black people, and actually had a black girlfriend. whats the difference in that? Justin Bieber felt like he had to change his whole enrite persona to be ecepted by black folks. he felt like he had to change his original pop music to hip hop to be accepted. and i really wish people would stop saying he “adopted our culture.” whats our culture? rapping about having sex with girls, smoking dope? popping molly? oh our culture is sagging our pants and getting money. LOL. Stop sticking up for this spoiled rotten brat. hes a privilaged white fuck who got discovered on youtube. with his whiney ass.

    • Becki Spence

      Donald’s racist tendencies do not need to be ignored/down played in order to indict Justin.

    • Matt

      I agree but Donald Sterling is worse than it appears you know. Donald Sterling said way worse than “Don’t bring black people to my games.” He did use the n word a lot just not on tape. Read up on some of the things he said AND did. That’s the difference though. Bieber’s just saying stupid things, Sterling followed through. He tried to make the Clippers an all black team with white coaches so it would be like a plantation. He evicted minorities from his hotels. He turned minorities down from even staying at his hotels. As their landlord he wouldn’t do anything to help them they were on their own. He said straight up to an NBA head coach “Why do you think you can coach these N*****s.” He was found guilty in the largest housing discrimination lawsuit ever. And all that isn’t even touching on how misogynistic he is. Bieber is just a jackass its NOT the same. Make no mistake what he did was wrong but its not to Sterling’s extent.

    • move on already

      Just because you knew better at 15, it doesn’t mean he did. I knew PLENTY of people at that age-boys and girls- that made racist jokes about everything- asians jokes, mexican jokes, etc. Hell, kids still make racist jokes to this day. The difference here is that Justin got caught on camera & not to mention he was actually 14* in the video. It’s stupid to call him a racist now, seeing as he’s 20 now. No one is the same person they were 6 years ago, so the fact that people are pissed at him and are judging him for being that ‘same’ person is stupid. He has grown up now, and of course what he did was 100% wrong, but it’s not like he’s the only 14 year old kid in the world to *repeat* something racist.
      I say *repeat* because People actually think he made the song up, but obviously they didn’t read the full article stating that a comedian made a parody of his song & Justin thought it was funny copied it.

      I don’t get what else people want him to do? He fully apologized and recognized his mistakes. Do you want him to write a song about it? like idgi.. it happened many years ago when he was an immature child…

  • asfwer

    Okay but can we talk about Drake Bell for a moment. Like, set everything else aside and just tell me why this man is obsessed with Justin Bieber? Look, I loved Drake and Josh. I don’t dislike Drake. But this guy is always talking about Bieber. It’s just a little odd…

    • Anna

      Well…him talking about bieber has gained him a lot of twitter followers (by people who also say they hate bieber but enjoy seeing things about bieber on their timeline), so that combined with that now he gets to be on awesome gossip sites like oceanup (really, there was nothing ever about him until he started talking about bieber), so people continue to follow him and talk about him which gives him attention which is what he wants so he’s gonna keep doing it.

  • Anna

    Ariana grande was on Nickelodeon and now has a huge career outside of it. Drake bell was on Nickelodeon and now nobody really cares about him.

    Really…you can compare, and may think it’s unfair, but life is unfair. And the main difference is really that Justin’s was a joke. From 5 years ago. Everyone knows he’s not racist. Sterling on the other hand…

    If we wanna compare justin to anyone, sterlings really not the right direction. I’d compare him to Paula deen who lost her job because she said the n word years ago. It’s funny though because when she lost her job majority of people were saying it’s stupid she lost her job for sometbing that happened so long ago I’m the past. But now that it’s bieber who said it, some people don’t seem to want to let it go.

    • Becki Spence

      Was it funny, Anna? Would you tell your black friends THIS funny joke, Anna?
      I have a little bit more respect for JB (or his team) than I do for many of his fans because at least he knows that a sincere apology is necessary. Excuses can be left at the door…nobody is here for them.

      • Anna

        Did I say it was funny? I just said he said it at the time as a joke. It was funny to him at the time, which was 5 years ago. I never once said I thought it was funny. Do not put words or thoughts into my mouth. Thank you.

  • humm

    Sterling probably leaked that himself because he wanted sell the team

    • Truthhurts

      The girlfriend did it. She was a money hungry whore

  • johnny

    I don’t understand why his fans are constantly defending him about this when he is probably going to get away with this in the first place. His career is already over. His label is bound to drop him soon and not a lot of people are in to his new music. He already has a bad reputation in Hollywood. The funny thing about Bieber is now with these videos we see that he has always been a little bratty kid. If you remember a lot of people were saying this about him back them example(when he worked on CSI). He was always a hot mess and really hasn’t changed that much. His fans need to accept this. I don’t think you need to like a celebrity to enjoy there movies or music and for some reason every fan base has forgotten that.

    • Anna

      I’m not defending his actions as much as I am for defending him just as a person since people think they are perfect and he is such a terrible human being. I can admit what he did was wrong. Not just this either. The DUI, the peeing in the bucket, all that. But everyone does stupid things but people constantly just try to bring him down and act like since he’s famous he should be a role model for children. I think that’s ridiculous. Celebrities should not be role models. Parents should be role models. Doctors should be role models. Fire fighters should be role models. Not celebrities who are known for doing drugs, cursing, and being a wreck at some point.

      I agree that you shouldn’t have to like a celebrity to enjoy their music. His personal life should be just that…his personal life.

  • Truthhurts

    Because bieber has crazy ass Stan girls who would still support him if he murdered someone

  • Anonymous

    why is he so obsessed with bieber? 90% of his tweets are about him

  • BrokenArrow18

    I cant take Drake Bell seriously. He0s embarrassing tbh.

  • Tash

    A lot of Bieber fans have always said that Justin gets ‘more’ hate & is treated ‘differently’ & ‘worse’. But the truth is, a lot of what he does gets condoned & excused away. He does worse things repeatedly. Yet others get hated for purely existing or being a ‘positive’ individual. One mistake & it’s all over. Now that is absurd. You are right about one thing. He is treated ‘differently’. That’s called getting preferential treatment.

    • Nina

      Nope. You’re delusional. He gets more shit for everything people still are convinced he spat on his fans. 1D got away with it Bieber didn’t and won’t.

      • Tash

        Okay, compare him to anyone besides 1D. Yep, exactly. Biebs gets excuses, ass kissed etc etc. Others can’t even breathe correctly. Disney stars get hated for promoting positivity. The moment Justin arrived, he was praised because he claimed to be more ‘real’ than them & everyone loved him because he was a brat. He just got worse with time. Also 1D are flawed like most, Justin is a complete asshole. Big difference. YOU are delusional if you don’t see that. He is pompous & a walking contradiction. Speaking of ‘lies’, you all STILL believe ALL of his! Which has been proven! So keep calling us delusional, ignorant, haters etc etc. Keep avoiding the truth. It’s the only way he will ever be justified.

  • Tash

    Justin’s life …. So true though!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    If it was anyone else that would have said this then I would have considered what they’ve said but it’s Drake. He hates him anyway so anything he says will be biased.

  • dsojfreijw

    justin beiber is the gayest of them all

  • Zaina777

    I think Drake Bell is obsessed with Justin Bieber i’m not kidding. His opinion on the matter could have been taking seriously or seen as credible if he didn’t always talk about the kid like with every fucking issue he that he has.