Young Money Will NOT Drop Justin Bieber ‘He Does Not Have A Slave Mentality.. He’s Adopted African American Culture’

bieber-black-33Young Money Entertainment are NOT dropped Justin Bieber in the midst of his super hot racist scandal. President Mack Maine told TMZ that they don’t believe he is a racist ad the majority of his entourage is black: ‘Bieber does not have a slave mentality. He treats his people with respect.

He has adopted the culture of the hip hop, African American culture.’ On Bieber’s disgusting racist joke: ‘I remember telling a white man, Chinese man, Black man joke as a kid that was terrible and I told it to my friends because I thought they’d think it was funny.’

Do YOU think that Justin Bieber has changed his racist ways or just another Donald Sterling? UPDATE: Soulja Boy said Bieby isn’t racist because his homies are black!

  • Truthhurts

    Fact is justin bieber is a try hard. He is trying to be someone he’s not lmfao how sad. He should go back to school. Zzzzz

  • lmao

    I knew these rappers would be with him. They drop their pants to any white person that say loving their culture.

  • Nope

    Not supporting them if I ever did. These black celebrities think they can speak for the rest of the black population. They do NOT. He does not respect hip-hop culture, and he will eventually leave their asses in the dust. If black people keep letting white people “adopt” parts of our culture, they’ll say hip-hop was started by white people, just like with rock music. Ever black celebrity supporting him will no longer get a dime from me, even though I didn’t ever really spend my money to begin with.

  • Cali

    Young money? Bahahaha they’ve had no credibility in the first place.

    They’re only backing him cuz of his money once he becomes unpopular they’ll drop him like a hot plate.

  • BangBang

    I’ve never been able to take Young Money seriously.

  • ugh really

    can this be done and over with already? who cares if hes racist or not!

    • Much,tuft,fu


  • sochima

    well, if soulja boy said then…

  • Aimée Gardiner

    Oceanup you suck at spelling and grammar.



  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Did President Mack Maine just say Bieber has adopted “black culture”? LITERALLY LAFFING MY ASS OFF — as Bieber has recently been detained, arrested for DUI and allegedly on many drugs and abuse of marijuana. I dont think that constitutes “black culture” and I think he is profiling/stereotyping his own race in such a negative light.

  • Eva

    What exactly does he mean, “He has adopted the culture of hip hop and African american culture?”

    • Tash

      He has become a ‘douche’. Apparently being a ‘douche’ is embracing ‘African American Culture’. How flattering. Other Black people should feel proud. How well the African race is once again being depicted. So Biebs is the new poster child for ‘African American Culture’ aka ‘Being Uncultured’??!!

      • Eva

        I thought as much, I just didn’t want to assume it. This guy should have just shut up. I wonder what they promised him to say that or maybe he is just stupid?

        • Tash

          No, I go with stupid. I don’t think any of them are getting anything. Only the Bieber leeches aka ‘friends’ are in it for the ‘benefits’ of kissing Biebs ass. The rest have always been imbeciles….or smart businessmen, given the idiotic society we live in that buys into all that bullshit. Some of them are not even as ‘uncultured’ as they appear. It’s all an ‘image’ thing. Apparently being ‘uncultured’ is a good look & oh so flattering. Just like being an ‘asshole’ is oh so ‘cool’. Yeah we’re going through that middle school bullshit of how ‘bad’ actually means ‘good’ & ‘good’ really means ‘bad’.

          • Eva

            Its like he doesn’t care about the consequences for him and his future career! Wait, does he have a career? I know Justin had some friends who called themselves Lil’ Something and Lil’ Something Else who did nothing but follow him.

          • Tash

            Yeah, I was actually going to tell you that I think Justin’s career is far from over & just getting started to be honest. You have to watch the trend. All of this ‘bad behavior’ is the ‘transition’. It’s not ‘forced’ like Miley. Overcompensating & made to create shock value & capture your interest. He is doing it on a ‘personal’ level. He is transforming his entire existence into a common stereotype. He will actually be taken ‘seriously’ soon & treated as an ‘adult’. No joke. It’s how the industry works.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Your words scare me.

          • Tash

            You are welcome!

          • johnny

            I understand what your saying but he is very overexposed as was Miley except she actually was trying to promote her music at the same time. I guess if he went to rehab or just away for a year or two he could gain another career height but Idk, it now seems like he was always a hot mess. Hopefully he wont try to capital off controversy like Miley because that gets old real quick. Miley will actually have to change her image again to sell another album because she has overused this one already.

          • Tash

            Agreed. I also feel Miley is on the path to constant evolution. Like the whole Madonna thing. Justin’s new ploy will be a new album about all the ‘lies’, ‘heartbreak’, ‘hatred’ he gets & how he will rise above it all. Watch this space :) OR he will finally admit he’s a douche & junior druggie & the new album will be about how he lost his way but is on the road of redemption. Interviews all about his feelings & shut & ‘feel sorry for me X 1 million!’. Sometimes I wish I could capture these moments. These are always the times I get attacked by Beliebers. Only for me to be right fast forward a few months.

          • Elusive Chanteuse

            I think he’s gonna do whatever he wants (:. You are over thinking it and forgetting that he isn’t as predictable. If he wanted that he would do it already with Journals or his movie , but they kinda ignored a lot and focused on positive instead. I personally think he’ll say twice or three times he changed and moved on and just stop talking about it. His music could be about anything and there’s nothing wrong if he writes about how he really feels though! I think he will just move on and not say much. Which is a lot better strategy, he should keep up with his charity work and more low key private life like now(past few months) and everything will be fine. Everyone learns from their mistakes he’s on his way too

          • Tash

            And you have arrived! I was waiting ….

          • Elusive Chanteuse

            Oh so that’s how it works now… Stating a different opinion and looking from a different perspective defines me so much and gives you the right to judge and call me out for it. Nice to know. I guess you’re on of those on this site then :D

          • Eva

            He is going to do a whole album about lies, hate and the media! You are so right, and people are going to call it deep and interesting and then bamm he is with us forever… Music is doomed ;)

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          He’s just stupid.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I want to punch him in the face.

    • Nina


    • Tash

      Don’t say that! Biebs fans will jump on you & always remind you of what an awful person you are because ‘you wished him harm’. Even though he did make an insensitive joke about how if he kills n*****s, he will be a part of the KKK. But no! Remember Marina, he is the great Bieber. He is above us & general decency. He is allowed to say those things & it be excused away. But we are not allowed to wish harm to an asshole. No, we must be like Justin & attack the innocent & be ‘general’ assholes for no apparent reason. See, it all makes sense!

  • Sabah

    What he did was wrong in every possible way and of course he will get criticised for it , still it happened a long time ago when he was even more of an air head then he is now. Obviously he had no idea of the weight of his words just like he said in his apology his ignorance blinded him. I am sure now things changed, if all the black people around him say he isn’t racist some who were around for years are saying it who are you to say he is and be so 100% sure in it? Two immature jokes by an dumb uneducated kid are very different from a hateful rant from a grown man who knew what he was doing ( Donald ). Bieber isn’t forced to hang out with black people I am sure if he was really racist he wouldn’t try even to imitate and adapt to their culture. His friends actually benefit from him we all know some are using him ;). My point is a children’s ignorance and stupidity in most cases ( in my book ) is forgiven. If he said it now WHILE having all them friends I wouldn’t have any sympathy for him. At the end of the day I made many “white people jokes” and the friends laughed. I wasn’t too harsh though but still I made them few times, Bieber isn’t racist I am sure he never was at all he was just imitating what was surrounding him at that time ( racist friends or family ) and being stupid. I am sure Usher and Will talked to him about this years before it’s release. Rant over.

    • Eva

      You have no idea what people will do for money and fame.
      If his team knew about the video all along what’s not to say they created these ‘friendships’ with a lot of needy African American boys so that Beliebers could use this excuse all day long when the video finally surfaced?
      ….. Just a random thought. No proof of course.

      • Angie.

        You all over think so much it’s ridiculous.

        • Eva

          Yeah… that is the downside to having a high IQ. You think of every possible scenario in a space of 5 minutes.