Zayn Malik Forgets Where He Is!

One Direction at Murrayfield in Edinburgh, Scotland, Harry Styles is not well and Zayn Malik thinks forgets that he is in Murrayfield. Do YOU think Zayn has been smoking too much pot? Hopefully Harry does not get seriously ill!

Harry said: ‘I wanna start, I’m sorry, I’m very sorry I’m not very well tonight but I wanna say thank you to the boys who are gonna help me out as much as they can and you guys are gonna have to sing a lot of my parts cause I can’t sing, so I’m sorry. But thank you so much for being here.

You are absolutely incredible! We can see you in the back, we can see you on this side, we can see you on this side, we can see you in the front. Thank you so much for being here tonight. So sorry about this.’

Liam: ‘Can we just, can we just take a moment to give it up for Mr Styles for joining us on stage though he’s not quite well. Big up. So, we are gonna try and sing his parts as best as we can but if we don’t sing them just sing them as loud as you can for us! Thank you!’

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  • Truthhurts

    One direction members are all fucked up now. Weed? Try cocaine.

  • Jasmine

    He just made a mistake, he says “i’m so stupid” if he were high, he doesn’t realize that he make a mistake.ugh

  • Lili

    he’s just distracted, jesus christ.

  • lol

    he was probably high. i wouldnt put it past him or the douchebag louis to get high in front of a bunch of little girls.

  • FuckHarry

    They are in a different country every other day give him a break lol

  • anon

    Don’t all touring artists do this? I remember when a clip of Kevin Jonas on the phone (on tour) being like I don’t even know where we are. I don’t really think that means anything.