Demi Lovato Performs Really Don’t Care, Heart Attack And Neon Lights On Good Morning America

demi-gma-ailsDemi Lovato performs her hit singles on Good Morning America!

  • laura

    She sounded off in the beginning but damn she was belting out those notes like crazy!
    And where can I buy that jacket? I need it, now!

  • Demi’s is the bae

    Her body>>> Demi is gorgeous! && her voice sounds amazing!

  • honesty

    She really improved! I think that was the best I’ve heard her sing neon lights! I can’t wait til she fully adjusts to her new voice. Good job, Demi!

  • Kirstin

    Okay I honestly think Demi can sing better then ariana. Like ariana can sing don’t get me wrong but I feel like Demi’s more original Ariana’s like a young Mariah.Also Demi’s performances our better she has better stage presence && comes off more like able then ariana.but that’s just my opinion. Also Demi’s can sing diff genre while ariana can’t I mean all her songs sound the same. I don’t dislike ariana && I think she’s talented but I prefer Demi but that’s just my opinion

    • honesty

      Demi sings with more emotion. Ariana has a way better technique though and she rarely ever fails live. Ariana just needs to pronounce her words better. I think I prefer Demi too.

      • I agree

        Yeah I agree demi has had bad performances singing wise but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one where ariana sounded bad but ariana did do classes growing up && Demi didn’t that’s why ariana seems to have more control over her voice && I think demi has a more versatile voice and can sing
        Diff genres Ariana’s voice is made for the genre she’s singing now.

        • honesty

          Demi had a voice coach back in Texas. I just think Ari’s training was more extensive since she was on Broadway. Broadway requires a lot of a singer. Ari only started actual vocal classes when she was 17, btw. (I think that’s what she said, can’t remember the exact age, but she started them late) Demi is definitely more versatile. I just love the rawness in her voice.

          I can never feel what Ariana’s singing. No matter how sad the song, her voice doesn’t touch my heart. She tends to sing without any soul whereas Demi has a lot of raw emotion and a very soulful voice.

    • Truth

      Ok, I barely like Ariana (I agree when you say she isn’t that likeable) but in my opinion there’s no doubt she has the best voice of her generation RIGHT now. Demi, Miley, Selena, etc their voices don’t compare to hers. Yeah sure Demi has more stage presence but that’s because she’s more comfortable on stage. Demi has been doing this for awhile where as Ariana is just getting started in her singing career.

      • Kirsten

        && that’s your opinion I think ariana can sing but I like Demi better simply because she’s more original && I like her voice better. But Ariana’s great to like I think she can sing better then selena && miley but Demi nah!

  • iWizard

    WOAH – she sang really well during Heart Attack! I hope she keeps it up.

  • HolyGround

    Oh nice another hair color that she looks gorgeous with and I can only wish to pull off. She sounded so good!

  • Maggie

    She killed Heart attack! amazing!

  • boystan

    i met lady gaga.