Justin Bieber Family Time In Canada To Escape From Racist Backlash In America Is His Career Finally Over?

bieber-familyfamily-time-2Justin Bieber recovers from racist backlash in America with a trip to Canada to visit his family. New York Daily News is concerned that Bieber’s career is over after his racist controversy: ‘What the videos did was show us that even though Bieber was young, cute and innocent, he was still doing some pretty reprimandable things.

It retroactively puts a cloud over the bad boy Bieber of today and now, yesterday.. He needs to go away because if he doesn’t he can’t have a fresh start.. He needs to lay low for a month or two.’

I’m not saying he has to go to rehab. But Bieber will never be seen as that sweet, wholesome boy again. He needs to just be gone for a while.. His career isn’t ruined, but no one will make a video like that now. By the time people get over this completely it will be because they’ve forgotten Bieber.’ LMAO.

  • boystan

    i met lady gaga

    • nfjfkfj

      Awesome? Was she nice, or weird?

  • Eva

    Maybe he actually doesn’t want to be seen as a sweet wholesome boy… Maybe he wants to be a total rockstar.

  • javi g

    i don’t think he’s career is over. but he should lay low for sometime. something similar happened to an actor from the tv show grey’s anatomy he called a fellow cast member who is gay a fa*** and he never worked in hollywood again. remember minorities like jews,gays and latinos run the media in the us. and they don’t tolerate this kind of behavior.

    • -

      lol you got it all wrong. “minorities” dont run anything in this world and especially not america as much as they want to say this is the land where everyone is equal and blah blah its all bullshit. america and especially hollywood is run by RICH fake JEWS and some gay people. not “minorities” like latinos and black. please do your research next time.

  • BangBang

    His dad gives me the creeps.

    • Cali

      He’s like a 17 year old in a man’s body. He just doesn’t seem like a father.

      • uest

        Considering how young he was when Justin was born, I don’t think he KNOWS how to be a father. Sometimes, I think the reason he acts like a man-child is because he’s overcompensating for the pregnancy.

        How long was Justin’s mom and dad together before they split up?

        • Cali

          I can kind of see why little bit of the reason why he’s the way he is. Even though he’s responsible for his own actions. He looks way more mature to me for his age than his dad.

          He’s like twenty and his dads like 30 something or more and they both look to me like they’re at the same mental and peer level.

          i dont know much about their relationship.I think it was only a little while after bieber’s mom had him they split. That’s what I heard.

      • BangBang

        MTE! And from the things we’re hearing about him he’s acting like it too.