Girl Lied For One Direction’s Attention, Harry Styles Reads ‘Just Been Dumped’ Sign

harry-styles-banana (2)Directioner Samantha Strain lied to get One Direction’s attention at the Edinburgh concert. She took a sign to the gig saying ‘Just Been Dumped’ although she is still happily with her boyfriend.

She told the Daily Record: ‘I know I told a lie about being dumped, and I’ll probably be dumped now, but it was worth it.’ Harry said: ‘There’s a sign there ,‘Just Been Dumped’. Why?’ Samantha: ‘Because I came here.’ Harry: ‘Ah, he doesn’t like us. You don’t want a boyfriend like that anyway.

You don’t. I’m telling you. You want someone who is supportive.’ Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor Calder will be at his side for the remainder of their Where We Are Tour: ‘There will be sighs of relief all round at this news. Eleanor is a great influence on Louis, he’s always just so much happier when she’s around. They are joined at the hip whenever she comes on tour.’

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  • laura

    Fangirls indeed are a strange species, wow.

    • asdfa

      Indeed. Quite a creative way to get their attention. I’m sensing a lot of “breakups” in the near future of many 1D fans haha.

  • BangBang

    Well that’s stupid! She got what she wanted but still that was stupid!


    Harry’s reaction though. He’s such a sweetheart

  • Anonymous

    If she knew she might get dumped, I don’t think she was too into the guy, anyway.

  • Cali

    Desperate. my god Im thankful i never had this fangirl mentality.

  • FuckHarry

    What’s the point of that tho, it’s not like he’s gonna stop the concert and take you on a date or something

  • MyOpinion

    That was stupid but she got what she was looking for hahahaha and harry’s reaction was soooooo sweet.
    Eleanor needs a job. she can’t spend her whole life behind her boyfriend hahaha

    • how do youu know that she doesn’t have a job? you dont know, you isnt in the media eye

      • MyOpinion

        Does she have a job?
        ok i really don’t know but how can she go on tour with her bf for at least 1 month if she has a job?

  • BrokenArrow18

    Harry is s cutie pie haha

  • Duckyhoward15

    Poor haz fans always lie on you (fake deaths , fake break ups etc)

  • Eva

    Harry is adorable though… He has always had that deep voice? I honestly didn’t know!