Zac Efron Untitled DJ Project Film Role

zac-efron-kitten (1)zac-throwbackZac Efron is in negotiations to star in Max Joseph’s Untitled DJ Project, reports The Wrap. The coming-of-age story follows a young DJ as he works on what he hopes will be his first hit track.

The director is currently auditioning hot young actors and actresses for the other lead roles, as shooting is slated to start this July in Los Angeles. Joe Jonas was ROBBED of the lead role

  • HolyGround

    Is there anyway I can get a clone of Zac…or preferably Zac himself

  • Sandy McFarlane

    he cute

  • MollyBD

    He was such a cute little kid, even with that gap in his teeth. Still a good looking man.

  • thecat61

    Chief Wahoo!!!! :)

  • anna

    zac efron with a hockey stick….*swoon*..

    GO RANGERS!!!!

    • HolyGround

      Never…Go Kingss