Alena Rose Jonas Is ‘Flip Cup Champion’ + Kevin Jonas Is Now A DILF (Dad I’d Like To F*ck)!

jonas-direction (7)Alena Rose Jonas is ‘flip cup champion’. Joe Jonas has been pictured often playing the drinking game. Kevin revealed on Off The Record how he feels about being a ‘Dad I’d Like To F*ck’.

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She is just too cute.

  • moonlight

    omgggooo well,, yes :B

  • Elianeth Salazar

    omg i love them so much! i hope they never change, because i’m really proud of them.. :) kevin is definetly a DILF

    P.S sorry for my english, we mexican haha

    • 353455

      sorry but kevin is not a dilf just because ocean up say that and you belive that? he is not like to watch porno or watching woman naked well he is not like that

      • Ailen:)

        do you even know what dilf mean?? dad I’d like to f*ck
        and to many of us he IS a hot dad so yes he’s a DILF ;)

        • 353455

          sorry but no he is not stop made up shit

          • hudgens.

            Yes he is.

        • hudgens.

          Ignore this illiterate idiot. They don’t understand anything and their grammar is horrible.

      • Elianeth Salazar

        i don’t care what ocean up says, i know he’s is a DILF, at least to me. if you don’t like him then just ignore the post, easy as that ;)

  • Fghjkl

    Those guys are sweet to everyone joe jonas and Kevin are so adorable with their fans they are amazing people

  • rgrgrth

    ocean up always made up shit to them like kevin is a dilf? sorry he is not like that he is very clean man and he dosent like to fuck he never say that

    • hudgens.

      Stop commenting under different names.

  • roxanneXD

    Kevin in the show offtherecord said he does not like her picture taken fans to his daughter. and…….. he post posting pictures everyday and sell them to magazines.? too hypocritical!