Cameron Dallas Dating Madison Beer?

cameron-dallas-madison-beercameron-beerIs Vine Cameron Dallas star dating Justin Bieber’s new protege Madison Beer? The possible hot couple were spotted yesterday posing with a fan in a marina. Mad has also been hanging with Carter Reynolds!



    are madison’s nudes real??

    • Luce

      If you mean that disturbing video (it weren´t exactly nudes) then it definitely seems so. People identified her bed, ring & nails & her lips looked like hers as well (not that I´ve seen much of the video ew).

  • lovelife

    This is so old but I actually think she has something going on with Carter Reynolds. Cameron is gonna be 20 in a few months and she’s like 15 -____-

  • lovelife

    Also that picture of them holding hands was when they were trying to get into Carters birthday party.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Isnt he like 20 isnt it illegal

    • A

      They can date can’t they? I’m not sure how the American system is, but I don’t think it’s illegal unless someone confirms that they’ve had sex.

    • Becki Spence

      Lot’s of people in the comments say they are not dating. i will just go with that.

      As for the law concerning the legal dating age: The dating part is not illegal, but sex would be.
      In my opinion, it would be very irresponsible for any parent to allow their 15 year old to have a relationship with a 19/20 year old.
      Also, why would a 20 year old even want to date someone who is that much younger?

      • BrokenArrow18

        that’s what im sayin

  • chanel

    That is not true, Yesterday Cameron was in nyc. He was at Digifest NYC. Get your info before you start posting false things .

  • dfsdfd

    i cant believe ppl actually give a fk

  • jul

    and who the fuck are them??

  • roxanneXD