Justin Bieber BAPTIZED IN BATHROOM To Atone For His Racist Sins, Jesus Has Saved Him

justin-bieber-shirtless-busta-rhymes (13)Justin Bieber has been saved from his racist sins by The Lord, reports TMZ. He sins were washed away with a baptism performed in a bathtub of one of his friends to keep people from not know that it happened.

Lil Bieby spent a week doing intense Bible study with Justin last month in the wake of being extorted over the racist videos. He is focused on studying Bible passages and attending services

  • Guest1

    But why do celebrities turn to religion to attempt to help them redeem themselves. Turning to religion won’t automatically make you a good person.

  • Becki Spence

    Some celebrities are so far removed from reality smh
    Justin needs to take a step out of lime light and discover who really is – the only downside to doing that is that his fans might not be waiting for him when he makes a comeback, but hey, that’s still better than the slow deterioration that he seems to have been going through these past couple of years.

  • uest

    HA! I find it so funny that celebrities immediately turn around and get so “into” religion as soon as something like this happens with their career. It’s not going to help. They’re basically branded for life. Justin could apologize, or recite bible passages as many times as he wants, but he’s going to forever be associated with the DUI bust, the peeing in a bucket, the egging, and those videos.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    If this story is true – I can’t judge. Hopefully it’s being done for the right reasons.

  • casey

    do people not realize this fool was 14 when he said these things? Probably 90% of the people he associates with are black, doubt he could hate black people that much. Do I really believe Justin would join the KKK? Hell no.

    Do I think he was an ignorant idiot at 14 (prob still is tbh) and said some dumb shit he thought was “funny” at the time and now regreta. Yes

  • Just watch
  • roxanneXD



    shut up bieber!