Listen To Selena Gomez’s BEAUTIFUL Voice Singing In New Movie Rudderless + Crying Still

voice-eraSelena Gomez, the voice of the new century, has recorded new songs for her movie Rudderless and they sound very beautiful. A new still of her crying in the movie has also been released! Do YOU like Selena’s new songs?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I like “Hold On” and “Home.”

  • Yasmine

    Her fake crying face is really ugly!
    I’m not a hater. just saying…

    • guest

      It’s not even a convincing crying face to me. It makes me laugh at her instead of feel sympathy.

      • Ricardo

        It’s a pic, it’s not on movement, maybe is that..

  • Mirela

    Oh. My. God. Whore in the Morning is hysterically hilarious!!!! Best one on the playlist!
    Hold On isn’t Selena’s best singing. I’ve heard better from her.

  • Rah

    Her voice is extremely unimpressive.

  • Eva

    Selena needs to take her career seriously, this movie according to those who have watched it and ‘know’ is a very good movie and could have propelled her acting career, but she didn’t deliver quite enough. Because she was rushing around concentrating on Stars Dance. What a waste. Directors will start to stop giving her a chance and give the roles to people who will take them seriously, I can name 5 kids in the industry from the top of my head who could have gotten this role and nailed it.

    • Mirela

      Jennifer Lawrence would have been an awesome example (:

  • Iron

    She has not talent

  • Rose

    i like ”asshole”

  • Mememe

    Her face expression is more like ” Reaaaaaaallllyyyy Duuudeee …. ” xD