• BangBang

    Wouldn’t expect the two of them working together. Now I’m actually curious to see what Nick Jonas’ new music will sound like.

    • Tash

      Nick has worked with many different artists from all walks of life. He’s performed many genres & on many different platforms. But none of that has been for himself, to represent him as an artist. So I agree. This next phase will be interesting. I have no doubt he can pull off any genre & come up with a good product. I’m just not sure how the fit will be in regards to him as a person. If he will indeed match the music. He’s old school. He needs to dress it up & work that niche. It’s doing really well for many others. Maybe he just needs to take some pointers in terms of branding & marketing.

      • anyone

        The thing is he needs to be careful not to fall into the same trap Joe did with his album. I think the reason that Nick’s Who I Am album is more musically appealing as a whole than Fastlife is because the music on Nick’s album was more genuine to the artist recording it, whereas Joe’s album didn’t feel like JOE, it felt like a collection of songs thrown together to try and capitalize on whatever was radio friendly at the moment that just happened to be sung by Joe. With Nick’s album, I didn’t get the feeling that anyone other than Nick could sing those songs, whereas with Joe’s album it felt like anyone could have sang those songs because they didn’t feel like they were genuine to Joe as an artist. Same reason why the songs from V didn’t come off the way they wanted them to. It didn’t feel genuine.

        But if Nick decides this time he has to try and prove himself by trying to come up with a hit album to show he’s moved on from the Jonas Brothers, he needs to be very careful not to sell himself out as an artist in order to sell records.

  • anon

    Not interested in this but I guess the Joe stans won’t be able to say Nick only works with no names while Joe works with hit makers anymore.

    • JoeJonasTroops

      Joe dosnt work at all

      • Tash

        Does it make you kinda sad? I know you’re a Joe girl. I’m a Nick girl :) I’m trying to think how I’d feel as a fan if Nick just didn’t seem to care anymore(or whatever is going on with Joe). I still love him though :) But I think he’s worth more & deserves more.

        • JoeJonasTroops

          Yes OFCOURSE it makes me sad, I go into gossip websites to see what’s going on, I realise something new is posted about him and I get so excited, I click to see what the new post is about and you never believe what it is, ‘joe walks with blanda’ or ‘joe goes shopping with blanda’ or ‘joe parties with blanda’ or ‘joe goes on a vacation with blanda’ or ‘joe fucks with blanda’ it’s driving me crazy!! #BlameBlanda

  • Guest

    Wow I can’t wait for Nick’s new album #Jonatick4ever

  • Tash

    It’s Nick Jonas bitch!

  • Tash


    • Cat

      That’s so cute lol