Selena Weekend In Canada W/ Bieber?

jelenaloveselena-canadabieber-familyJustin Bieber’s family friend Tweeted: ‘Had a awesome b day weekend. Thanks to @ErinWagner @JeremyBieber @justinbieber @selenagomez @CrazyKhalil had a blast!!’ Then she deleted the Tweet and posted the same thing without Selena’s name. Do YOU think they are back together?

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  • anon

    Before anyone starts to judge, please bear in mind, neither Bieber nor Selena are going through their best times right now. It is not okay to break up and get back with your ex constantly, it’s probably quite intoxicating and it’s most possibly not going to work but Justin and Selena were happy and healthy when they were together and on separate ways they seem to lose their ways and they struggle. We all can comment on wether she’s too good for him and too stupid to be going back to him all the time but they understand each other and their reconnections can be good for both of them. Bieber with his attitude problems and whoring around and his drug use and constant ignorance and Selena with her emotional break downs, maybe they find support and sympathy in each other and this is a good thing. They’re young and they’ve got too much pressure upon themselves. Let them be and leave them alone.

    • Guest1

      I mean I guess I agree with you but I have not heard anything about selena having an emotional breakdowns. Not any recent ones anyways. She seemed to be doing really well recently. And justin is just a mess.

      Anyways, I feel as if she really wanted to she could move on. But Justin pulls her back in. Or it could be the other way around, who knows. But still.

  • honesty

    I agree with anon, but they sure are damn annoying!

  • BrokenArrow18

    this is gonna end up really bad lol

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’ve thought about it and Selena contradicts herself so much, I don’t believe anything that comes out her mouth.
    “Taking back my power!”
    Even if she isn’t with him and is really in Miami I’m just tired of her. She’s not delivering as a real artist and she does exactly what I go against. She has so much potential and she continues to fall flat. TALENTED PEOPLE SHOULD BE FAMOUS.
    And Justin’s behaviour is a mess, I’m done with them both.
    Selena is just a huge contradicting disappointment.

    • Cali

      “Selena contradicts herself so much I don’t believe anything that comes out her mouth.

      Exactly what Im saying. If she was like miley and said “I dont give a damn” then I wouldn’t mind as much. But she keeps going back and forth. Her and her fans esp. keep Trying to keep up this good “classy” girl image. “Oh she’s a better role model than miley yadda yadda” I dont want either of them at this point.

      “Taking back my power!”

      • johnny

        I never understood why you would want two Disney stars , because lets face it that is high light of both of their careers so far to be such inspiring role models . they are humans too. People in real life contradict themselves all the time, and are always changing. So why cant they and you don’t know either one of them personally to be offended, honestly and im tired people taking their decisions so personally .

        • Cali

          I’m talking about selena’s herself her team, and her fans portraying her as this perfect princess constantly to the rest of us when she is def not.

          So many of her fans put other celebs like miley or bieber down and refuse to acknowledge that SHE is a mess atm too.

          “you don’t know either one of them personally to be offended, honestly
          and im tired people taking their decisions so personally.”

          She’s famous her personal life is gonna be everywhere by default and lots of her girl fans take her decisions to heart.
          Like rihanna’s fans took her decision to get back with chris brown hard.

          But If you’re going to be a hypocrite do NOT market yourself as a role model as she has or post a whole bunch of stuff about your personal life to involve the rest of us. if you do either one you’re gonna have more people in your business. End of

          There are plenty of celebs who don’t go on social media for that very reason.

          Rihanna said a long time ago that she’s not a role model Selena’s and her team are still trying to hold on to her good girl image

          “such inspiring role model”

          Right Neither one of them should be role models, parents are supposed to be teaching their kids.

        • honesty

          They’re free to change all they want, they just need to not publicly announce things and then not follow through. That’s the problem.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        “I dont want either of them at this point.” My thoughts.

      • get real Smilers

        Please- like Miley didn’t have a mealtdown when she broke up with Liam! She was a mess posting depressed messages on twitter.

        • Cali

          lol I havent been a real fan since her antics in 2013 and even if I was ive never been a a smiler. I hate stupid fandom nicknames

          Secondly even if she was posting about him she didn’t get back with him pathetically and over and over again like selena did. Once she broke up that was the end of it. Pretty much everyone gets upset after a breakup. lol

    • johnny

      That didn’t come out her mouth it came off her instagram post. If she is struggling or going through something in her personal life that’s her businesses and really should handle it the best way she can. At some point everyone must live and learn.

      • honesty

        Either way it came from HER.

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  • guest

    lol the comments about the “taking my power back” pic… when did she said “taking my power back” meant not going back to him or never be in his presence again?

    “Exactly what Im saying. If she was like miley and said “I dont give a damn” then I wouldn’t mind as much. But she keeps going back and forth.”
    I actually think the opposite, the fact that she does not have the need to get on twitter and clarify all the rumors that appear about her, or justify every time she is with him and just ignore, to me means “I dont give the damn ”
    She could be like many other celebrities, that when they write something on twitter or make an interview and are misunderstood, or when a rumor comes out and they are clearly worried about what the others will think, go running to twitter justified “it was not that way”,”it was not what i meant!”, “i never said that”, “that’s not true” what causes many people to understand later. But when it comes to her, she never does that and for me that is an “idgf” attitude.
    and maybe is just me but if you dont give a damn you dont need to say it. you just dont give a damn.

  • BangBang

    This will never end.

  • Clauber


  • Dina

    they better not be back together at all, she was moving on and she needs to stay away form him, but he is too dumb to move on too, he was going to with models! there are no pics so this girl must be lying btw

  • Zaina777

    Yes…yes…it’s happening. First they shall get married and then have a million Jelena babies running around the house.

    Really though if they get married…that will the beginning of the end for non Jelena drama. They’ll have like one kid every year until they have like ten. Then they’ll go on one of those damn channels like TLC or MTV…or some shit like that talking about how they found each other again and how they are raising their ten children together.