Taylor Swift Is ‘Begging’ People To Visit Her In New York & Even Offering To Fly Them Out!

Taylor Swift spotted on Bowery in New York Citytaylor-scrabbleTaylor Swift feels isolated in New York City and has been begging people to visit. Source revealed to STAR: ‘She’s having a hard time making friends and is begging people to visit even offering to fly them out!

Taylor can’t wait to split her time between Rhode Island and LA. She doesn’t want any party of living in New York full=time. She really regrets moving there.’

  • dancer145

    why has she been out there so long does she live there now?

    • jayde

      she bought 2 apartments there. i don’t know if she’s actually working there or not, i’ve only ever seen leaving the gym or going to lunches so idk. whenever she buys a place in another city, she seems to spend a lot of time there and then leaves for somewhere else for a while so we’ll have to wait and see i guess. she’s probably working on the new album.

  • fijre

    indeed she was in ny working on her new album

  • Maggie

    “She’s having a hard time making friends and is begging people to visit even offering to fly them out!”

    Not to shove myself in other people’s personal lives, but she has too many friends so I doubt that ‘shes having a hard time’ and they probably made that up after her tweet.

    Is she still on tour or what?

    • kat

      Lol that articles so fake. She’s still in Asia finishing the last leg of the red tour. She tweeted that while she was in Asia.

      I would imagine she likes having time to herself. She’s always surrounded by people.

  • ikeepempressedt

    She looks so good here…

    • HolyGround

      Karlie Kloss pls

  • candace

    lol she was in asia when she tweeted that. get your facts right ou.

  • jessica

    she wasn’t even in newyork!

    • Matt

      Who needs logic. Logic won’t make her look bad.

  • Matt

    She has like 8 homes if she was really that miserable wouldn’t she just go to a different house? Oh well, whatever makes her look bad I guess.

  • Matt

    I’ll come over. I’ll even play scrabble. Hell I’ll play hangman if you wear that. On one condition though I have to watch the NBA Finals so I can be depressed that I’m a Pistons fan. Waiting for them to be good is like waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio to win an Oscar.

  • moonlight

    she looks hot in the photo, <3