Trevor Jackson’s Good Girl Bad Girl Official Audio Visualizer Music Video Released

Watch Trevor Jackson’s ew music video for ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’!

  • anonymous

    this song is nearly incoherent. bad girl for the night? what even do you mean?

  • R8Z

    Watch Trevor Jackson’s (ew ) music video for ‘Good Girl Bad Girl’!

    you guys are mean damn

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    By the reaction from the top comment I don’t even want to listen to it.

    • honesty

      My thought process exactly.

  • Cali

    Like the beat not the lyrics

  • laura

    So basically he’s singing about using girls for sex and having sex with them almost every night because they’re ‘bad girls’ (we all know what he actually means) but at the same time he also wants a good girl to have a relationship with? And that app, how shallow is that? But please correct me if I am wrong, maybe I am looking too much into it. I don’t know I haven’t slept and have been studying non stop so that could be the reason as well.
    That being said, who even is this kid?

    • anonymous

      he’s been leeching fame from zendaya as her opening at her concerts