Justin’s Daddy Jeremy Bieber Is Now Following Selena Gomez Instagram

jeremy-bieber-selenajeremy-bieber-seleaJustin Bieber’s daddy is now following Selena Gomez on Instagram! Maybe, Jeremy is the reason Selena wanted to hang out with Justin after breakup. Do YOU think Selena should cut ties with Bieber family or continue to support their illegal activities?

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  • Guest1

    She’s def with them if biebers family/friends keep bringing her up/ following her on instagram. They are def good at hiding from the public.

    • Mariah

      She’s not. That “friend” unpurposely tagged Selena to create drama and then deleted her. There’s no evidence Selena in Canada at all. By now someone would spot them for real, just because his dad followed her doesn’t mean she’s with them. Bieber doesn’t follow her neither his mother or his best friends. This is all planned to start rumors just like entire January when Selena was “camping with his parents and him” meanwhile she was in rehab and used him and his family as a cover up it’s all planned and this is just one of the stunts or a coincidence. Jelena by the end of the year will be over forever. Mark my words. All their on and off is planned for PR when he gets into trouble or she needs publicity cause no one really cares about her movies or music. Took me a while to realize all their little obviously planned stunts and games. Filthy and fake couple. They both know what they’re doing with this.

    • stp

      Justin is in LA

  • anon

    his dad creeps me out

    • anna

      same, but i cant figure out why? Maybe because he’s 40 and tries to dress and act like he’s 20.

      Either way, I can’t stand him because I know he was barely in Justin’s life as a child but when Justin got famous he’s always been there. And he doesn’t have a job or earn any money of his own now, just lives off his son’s money…

      • lols

        Which means… He’s just a douchebag and he could be seriously influencing Justin. Maybe if he hadn’t become part of Justin’s life he could be way more polite and way less rebel, idk, who knows.

  • Eva

    Justin’s Father just perfects the douchebag, vile, creepy old man look so much that it completely scares me.

  • BangBang

    Well that’s stupid.

  • Tash

    Dear Justin …. P.S I wanted to use this pic on someone so bad!

    • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

      <3 u

  • then

    Maybe Selena went back to treatment. I know her new team doesn’t like paparazzi setups but what with all those old pics on instagram? and no fan spottings for some days

  • Tash

    Oh I didn’t know Justin’s dad was a JB fan ….

    • laura

      I feel like you eat way too much sugar…

      • Tash


        • laura

          I really think I should tell your mom about this. The sugar is bad for you…

          • Tash

            Tell the doctor while you’re at it =p btw, you know my mum would freak & send me to the temple for blessing.

          • laura

            Well your mom is right! Sugar’s bad for you.

          • Tash

            I no more your friend!

          • Tash

            I joke! I will never leave you alone!

          • laura

            Hahaha omg now it makes you sound like a stalker!
            But seriously grumpy cat smiling will always be the scariest thing ever…

    • Eva

      Oh My God… Is that a real tattoo? I think I might die of laughter!! What was she thinking?!

      • Tash

        Yup! Many online. Go check it out. It’s Jonas possession! This is bad though ….

        • roxanneXD

          he is as stupid as his son.

          • Tash

            Nah, I think Justin might be slightly smarter. Jeremy fights on his own, Justin hides behind his bodyguards.

  • llll

    By the way her team responds it, she has lupus

  • Dina

    she needs to stay way form him and his crazy family

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    That’s not creepy at all. Nope. Definitely not, creepy.

  • Yuck

    Ugh, gross. I feel like she’s trying to get away and save herself from that destructive life, but they keep trying to reel her back in. They don’t give a damn about her, they just want to keep her from moving on.

  • Cici

    Welp. Everyone saying she is not with him can sit down now. He quickly deleted this one lol

    • BrokenArrow18


    • 2

      If you post something on IG don’t delete it 30 sec after. He annoys me so much with his juvenile behaviour…

    • Guest1

      That looks so photoshopped.

    • Zaina777

      Awwwwwwwwww….what a cute cou…oh what they broke up again? Aw well don’t worry I’ll finish my sentence when they briefly get back together next week.

    • OH

      “If I was your boyfriend, I’d NEVER let you go”
      He was serious! D:

    • BangBang

      Oh wow! They’re really longing for our attention huh!

    • HolyGround

      Maybe they can ride their unconditional love into the sunset and never come back

      • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP


  • madi

    Oceanup what are you waiting for to post Miles Teller news? He’s the new thing.