Jessa Duggar Poses Proudly With Assault Rifle After Multiple Mass School Shootings, Her Boyfriend Thinks It’s ‘AWESOME’!

duggar-gun219 Kids & Counting star Jessa Duggar posed holding a .22 caliber military assault rile. Her boyfriend Be Seewald posted on Facebook: ‘My AWESOME girlfirend! #dontmesswithjessa.’ Do YOU think it’s ‘awesome’ to promote weapons like this after the constant school shootings in the US?

Credit: STAR Magazine.

  • anonymous

    guns should be banned

  • laura

    When will America realize they need stricter gun laws?
    This picture is honestly repulsive, tell me again these parents know how to raise their children..

  • Gio

    Guns are NOT evil nor should they be banned. If a crazy wants to kill people he will find a way, whether through stabbings, homemade explosives, poison, hitting people with a car, etc. Banning guns will only prevent rural families from being sufficiently fed, and will make people vulnerable of bad people who will not comply, and of a tyrannical government.

    • laura
    • anonymous

      guns making killing people too easy

    • Tash

      Agreed! Illegal weapons are easy to attain. Especially in poorer/developing countries. Banning guns just leaves the innocent citizens defenseless. If criminals knew most probably wouldn’t have one, they wouldn’t have any fear to victimize you. Then watch the greater influx of crime. I live in South Africa, banning guns is not an option.

      • Lily

        But without guns, people who kill people would have a harder time doing it. Duh.

        • Tash

          You missed the whole point! Illegal weapons are still readily available. Also you ignored the 1st persons comment which stated that people still kill regardless of having access to a gun or not. Btw, you weren’t supposed to take grumpy cat seriously. Even though he has a point.

          • a

            Countries that have restrictive gun laws obviously still have the potential for mass killings, but if you look at the statistics the risk is significantly lowered. Like, ffs, an assault rifle is going to cause more damage than a steak knife. And how do you think people get illegal guns in the first place? They first have to be manufactured and purchased legally and then after a string of underground reselling and theft or trading do they become illegal. If the legality of guns purchased is more restrictive, less guns will be in the hands of crazies. Next.

          • Tash

            We can’t even stop the illegals from Zimbabwe crossing the border. Youre telling me we can’t sneak guns in?? We can’t even trust the police. Our own government steals from us blatantly & is corrupt to the max. Come live in my country with those beliefs, please!

  • Hollyhysteria

    Oh jesus. Don’t even start..

  • Shanghai

    Disgusting image not cool at all. Don’t have to ban guns just make them a lot harder for people,to,get who don’t actually need them for work or livelihood.

  • FuckHarry

    Guns really freak me out, like their has been a lot of gun violence in the past few weeks in the US and by her posing like this it’s kinda rude in my opinion to the victims.

  • Rachel

    She may not have even heard about the shootings. Give her the benefit of the doubt. She isn’t a bad person.

    • laura

      I live in Belgium and even I know about it.
      Honestly, I don’t think it’s ever appropriate to pose with a gun.

      • Tash

        Oh sweet Laura, this might end our great love affair …. But the truth shall set me free. I want to go to the shooting range so bad! I want to be good at it! I even researched being a sniper. But it’s only in the USA. I know, I will go drown myself in the holy water now.

        • laura

          Well in Europe you can get guns if you have a license, trained for several months and such. I don’t know the details though. But I am fine with that. I just find it ridiculous that Americans can basically walk in a store and buy their gun without knowing how to properly use it and such.

          • M

            Agree with you and what you said above, but maybe it’s because I’m French ;).
            Don’t get why it’s so important in the US, I know it’s a right and eveyrthing but saying that guns don’t kill it’s the people who use them that do is really hard for me to understand. No guns less murder, to me it’s as simple as that.
            Plus I think it’s inappropriate for her to post a pic even more given the recent events. But again I don’t like how she was raised so…

          • laura

            It’s a different mentality, I guess?
            I don’t really get it either tbh like how is a gun going to make you safer? If someone walks in your house and wants to shoot you, you won’t have time to grab your gun. It just doesn’t make sense.

            If you read shit like this, I honestly don’t get how people can still be pro guns.
            Girl, I don’t like how they were raised either.. Like I said, different mentality haha

          • M
          • Tash

            Wow, even in South Africa we are stricter. You need the training & they do a thorough background check & these days they are changing regulation & making it even harder to posess a gun. They’ve enforced new rules like old gun owners need to go & register again, get their weapon inspected, as well as check their ability to control the weapon. New gun owners are put under strict scrutiny & age is definitely playing a factor these days. However, crime is still rife. It’s not the legal gun owners who pose the problem mainly, but the illegal. Thats a whole other issue. We don’t really have the issues with school shootings etc. Its the actual criminal activity that’s an issue. Not many crazed teens or people losing their head & going on a killing spree. But it’s definitely a surprise how slack the USA is, given their history & this obvious trend.

          • laura

            Ok I looked it up: you need a license, the license only lasts 5 years and in order to get such a license you need to be a recognized hunter or sports shooter (sorry if that’s not the word). And old gun owners without such a license need to hand in their gun. According to wikipedia it is one of the strictest gun laws out there.
            Obviously there are illegal guns, you can’t really stop that. But criminal activity itself isn’t a very big issue here in Belgium either. But crimes with knifes seem to be an issue here though.

            Honestly just read this, school shootings in America just keep increasing.. I just don’t get it tbh.

  • Jazgu

    Why USA have this problems with the kids that have guns? Im sorry but… in south america we don’t have this type of problems (WE HAVE OTHERS BUT NOT LIKE THIS) I think that kids and teens are very mean to each other. ¿What is happening in your school? ¿Why they treat like shit and think that some people are better than others?.
    Sorry for my english but i speak another language. i’m from argentina (AMERICAN TOO, you are not the only ones in the fucking continent)

    :) Thanks for read this

    • Jazgu

      PS: This girl looks like Angelina Jolie in that photo

      • roxanneXD

        i agree! she looks like the young Angelina!

  • iWizard

    I don’t think it’s not appropriate to pose with a gun. From the post her boyfriend posted, it sounds more like a defensive thing (“don’t mess with jess”) than something meant to hurt people (which is what U.S law is trying to rationalize; this isn’t my opinion).

    Now about this gun thing. It may seem obvious to us why this is a bad idea (guns should be harder to come by), but the government sees this as a pay day since they just looooove taxes and gun license fees. Just like with alcohol; it’s bad for you and the government tried to ban it, but people still found a way to get it. The government made money from alcohol sales. That’s the very reason why cigarettes (which kill people!) are legal.

    Idiots. The government is made up of total morons (business smart, but nonetheless, morons!)

    Those were my two cents :P.

    • iWizard

      Man, I totally have ideas about how to improve the government, but it’s not like a woman + a Muslim will be elected. Even if she’d care only about the people and less about funding wars. Gosh.

      • laura

        People don’t want a female president, sadly enough. I think it’d be good though so they can focus more on the safety of women and such. But I just don’t want Hillary Clinton to be the first female president since she doesn’t seem to be a feminist. I could be wrong on this though but from what I’ve read it doesn’t seem like it.

        • iWizard

          Women in general are more caring and responsible than men. A woman would care about the people like they were her own children, rather than about blowing people up for their resources.

          • laura

            She is a Belgian politician and I really really loved what she said:
            Should we not sometimes, become as provocative, as the prejudices we’re confronted with?
            90 % of traffic accidents are caused by men
            90 % of our prison-inmates are men
            So where is the logic to entrust men with 90 % of the seats in the Board of a company?
            Should we not develop our own version of anthropology?
            Men have been programmed during many thousands of years to behave in conflict, to master violence if needed, to fight for their place and their territory, to operate in terms of power and struggle
            The question is: are these still the master-skills of the twenty-first century?
            Or are women better-programmed, more practical, more ready for compromise and dialogue?
            It is a tempting thought.

            So I definitely agree with you.

          • iWizard

            That’s just…beautiful. But how do we change such a patriarchal government? Fake being a man, move up the ranks and be like “voila!” (I’m sleep deprived :P)

          • laura

            I don’t even know, I just guess it’ll take time. Lots of time… But we’re getting there :)
            Don’t worry, I am sleep deprived too haha I can’t wait until I can sleep for more than 8 hours again jfc.

          • iWizard

            You and me both, sister.

          • laura

            Ugh like seriously, I’ve had like 4 hours of sleep for the past few days…
            By the way, remember when we were talking about nudity in tv shows and movies on that other post?
            I watched this documentary called ‘this movie is not yet rated’ and I think you’ll find it interesting. So if you have time, definitely watch it :)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Nothing awesome about it. Fools.
    People will still kill if guns were banned but let’s make it harder for them. Guns need restrictions.

  • anonymous

    Guns are not dangerous its the people behind them that are dangerous. Yes to tighter security but no to banding them because then how will we protect ourselves.