Miley Cyrus Darling Young Pictures

miley-youngscary-mileyDarling young pictures of Miley Ray Cyrus. Selena was cuter..

Bangerz Tour is coming to Brazil, Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic!

Sept 11th – Coliseo de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
Sept 13th – Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Sept 24th – Brasilia, Brazil, Ginasio Nilson e Nelson
Sept 26th – Sao Paulo, Brazil, Anhembi Arena
Sept 28th – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Apoteose

  • boystan

    i met lady gaga

  • Cali
    • thecat61

      That smile, omg, too fucking adorable!

    • BrokenArrow18

      omg she was freakin adorable

      • thecat61

        This has nothing to do with this post, but the dude who burglarized Miley’s house was packing a gun according to TMZ, LAPD. All of her belongings have been found. If this is true, thank heavens nobody was home.

        • BrokenArrow18

          omg that’s crazy she needs better security at her house

          • thecat61

            The samething happened to Sandra Bullock but the asshole didn’t have a gun and she had barbed wire sround her house.

          • BrokenArrow18

            she needs to be more carefull now

    • Zaina777

      Miley looks so gorgeous in these second gif.

  • aly



    Why is Selena & Miley pitted against each other for every fucking thing? Acting..Singing..Boys, and now this?! Selena has nothing to do with this post, so why add “Selena was cuter” …honestly this “rivalry” is getting old af.

    • TrueSmiler

      Miley tries tries and tries, but Selena never comes near the trash.

    • maria

      I agree with you @ughhhh it is getting old

  • TrueSmiler

    Can someone tell me for why Miley is so desperate to win the MMVA?

    This awards isn’t nothing special.

    This boring slut is every day more pathetic, more sucker, more loser.


    Anyway, dies slut, dies.

    • thecat61

      Why don’t you go crawl back into your fucking hole that you emerged from, slut!

      • TrueSmiler

        You did not answer any of my questions.


        I remembered, because you are just an idiot child.

        So, bye, good night.

        • thecat61

          There is nothing wrong with wanting to win an award.

    • maria

      because she lost to selena in the vma..

      • thecat61

        Really!? She won a Bambi, IHeartradio Award, Billboard Award and WMA (2) — vma who?

        • TrueSmiler

          VMA that Miley dreams of winning.

          WMA who?

          Only retarded people care about this awards, so, you care a lot.

          Or now you will say that WMA is more relevant, famous that VMA in the music world?

          Probably will, because you’re mega retarded.

          I don’t care for any one

          • thecat61

            STFU you piece of shit.

    • aly

      Why the fuck is your username “TrueSmiler” if you only keep bashing on her? Go fuck off, loser. You should never wish someone dies, not even joking. Sit your ass down.

      • TrueSmiler

        Because I’m a fan, not a mental child slave.

        • thecat61

          Your comments beg to differ.

        • aly

          Really? HAHA in your face. If you were a fan you’d have NEVER wished Miley to die. If you were a fan you’d see the good side that Miley has inside of her instead of just pointing out the bad things. You’re so pathetic it makes me sick. You should change your username to “HypocriteAss” what about that? I’m sure if Miley saw your comments she’d call you a hater and would tell you to take care of your own life! She’s too busy being talented, famous and loving us fans :) bye :*

  • BangBang

    She used a be such a cute child.

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