‘Rebel’ Eiza Gonzalez Goes Surfing At Zuma Beach And Shopping At American Apparel In LA

Eiza Gonzalez Shopping At American Appareleiza-american-apparel-surfing (1)eiza-american-apparel-surfing (2)‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ actress Eiza Gonzalez and a friend spotted out shopping at American Apparel in West Hollywood, California on June 9, 2014. Eiza is starring in the same role that Salma Hayek played in ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’. She also went surfing at Zuma Beach. Photos: FameFlynet.


  • MollyBD

    Who the hell is Eiza Gonzalez?

    • fbcfcvb

      well she is not famous in united states she is from mexico and we don’t know why she is here

  • Cali

    Is this the girl that was with liam a while ago? She’s so forgettable i cant even remember.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I wouldn’t have paired that outfit with boots. It doesn’t look right.

  • mi

    LOVE THAT ROMPER!!! if anyone knows where it’s from please let me know!!

    • 454646

      well she is from mexico and she is a whore

  • ayy lmao

    She’s such a wannabe

  • Laura

    damn…ya’ll are some haters

  • She is a idiot

    Haha please she doesn’t know how to surf that’s ridiculous

  • Clauber


  • Ailen:)

    why is she even here? she’s so irrelevant even in Mexico, she’s such a bitch and her mom too

  • jul

    nobody cares