Oh No! Selena Gomez Lost ALMAY Makeup Contract To Carrie Underwood Because Of Rehab/ Justin Bieber

selena-almaySelena Gomez was first in line to land the coveted Almay makeup contract, but lost out to Carrie Underwood because of her rehab visit to due to drug/ alcohol misuse encourage by Justin Bieber, reports The Sun.

‘It was a decent payday for Selena and she was Almay’s first choice. But once they got wind of her fortnight in rehab, they got cold feet. She had shot videos and all the press photos by the time they pulled the plug.’

Selena is possibly with Bieber now to escape their sins!

  • guest

    I hope this girl wakes up and cut that cancer(beiber) out of her life for good.

    • Nina

      I hope her fans realize thy can’t blame Bieber forever for all her shit. He’s a mess on his own but has nothing to do with her, he’s not even with her all the time she just uses him when she needs him you delusional fans :)

  • KD

    “Reports the Sun…” Enough Said!

  • mb

    If only she had completed the program. now she is stigmatized but had no gain. lose-lose situation

  • mb

    but the msg it sends is do not seek help! if you have a problem swallow this and get over it by yourself. lol

  • Eva

    This does not send a good message at all. It makes young people hide their problems even more!! Granted I understand their point of view, she is high risk now and even I wouldn’t want to work with her but come on, this should be kept private.

  • laura

    I always thought Almay was makeup for old people, don’t ask me why…

  • lol

    but carrie is even less relevant than selena

    • HolyGround


  • threelittlebirds

    but hasn’t carrie being doing almay for awhile now??

  • Godney

    Who is carrie underwood?