Miley Sleeping In Bed With Sister Noah & Spitting Water On Her Breasts In Vienna

miley-cyrus-tongue-noah (4)Miley Cyrus Concert In ViennaMiley sleeping i bed with Noah and wetting her boobies in Vienna.

  • Mirela

    And she wonders why Liam won’t return and why she is single…

    • thecat61

      She’s not wondering shit. She’s not ready to settle down yet. Everybody moaned and groaned when she was engaged saying she’s too young. Well guess what? What makes you so damn sure she wants Liam back?

      • reina

        Everyone knows she wants him back! And, obviously, he doesn’t want her which is why he dumped her in the first place!

        • M

          “Everyone knows”. LOL How come? Are you people psychics who can get into people’s minds? Get real, you don’t even know what’s been going on. Why would she want back a guy who cheated on her after asking her to marry him and was a pathetic douchebag to her? Miley can get better.

        • thecat61

          She DUMPED his cheating ass.

          • OCEANUP


  • Maggie

    This is like the story about Michael Jackson and Madonna and the piece of bread. Ew.

  • aly

    Ew. If she wanted to play sexy she could’ve simply thrown the water directly from the bottle on her boobs, not from her mouth.

    • BrokenArrow18

      she did

  • BrokenArrow18

    I like the outfist she’s been wearing on the european tour

    • thecat61

      Just wondering when she returns to the US if she’ll continue wearing what she is now or wear completely different outfits? Can’t wait!

      • BrokenArrow18

        I think she’s gonna have different outfits!!

  • Cali
  • Marina And My Diamonds
  • TrueSmiler

    Boring slut all time.

    Miley is so unfunny now.


    Persons grow and change.

    The TEEN Miley was so great.

    Or not? Or I’m lying?

    Not, is just the truth.

    Sad sad.

  • shanghai

    Some people are just naturally sexy but Miley just seems to be a kid trying to hard to be sexy. Think Liam is well rid of her!

  • Godney

    She needs to get rid of the white hair!!!! this is not 2008!!! it looks so bad in her -.-