Selena Gomez BATTLING DEADLY DISEASE, Drinking And Out Partying During Her Medical Crisis

selena-gomez-deadly-diseaseSelena Gomez is currently undergoing physical and emotional trauma. Please pray Selena manages her deadly disease as well as Nick Jonas has and stays away from the people who brought her to near collapse.


    lupus is VERY commonly diagnosed in latina woman around her age. luckily it IS manageable like diabetes. hopefully it’s not something more serious like parkinson’s

  • BrokenArrow18

    I do think she has an emotional trauma


      mental breakdown.. her instagram is whack

  • Clauber

    I dont know what is wrong with Disney girls

  • threelittlebirds

    was the lupus every actually confirmed?


      her grandparents ~confirmed it. usually if it wasn’t true the rep would finally deny it publicly, but they haven’t. so it’s most likely true..

      • threelittlebirds

        i guess. i just want her to come forward about it, if it is actually true.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    So what is it, really? Her family and team are always saying she has some emotional issues but nothing about a disease.

    • anon

      A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the In Touch report is “irresponsible and off base.”

      …and once again they didn’t deny that she has lupus. I think she indeed has it.

    • anon

      I think they’re waiting for her give the confirmation herself when she is back to the spotlight

      • OCEANUP

        true tea :)

  • Ally

    Maybe she thinks she will die early so she is trying to live everything at once. My sister did that when she got diagnosed with a deadly disease. That shortened her life, but could I blame her for trying living to the fullest? But Lupus is more controllable than my sister disease but it also can be unpredictable.

  • barbiescunt

    It should be illegal to post shit like this. Especially without confirmation from Selena or her reps.


      her reps aren’t denying the lupus stuff, usually if they don’t it’s true :(

      • barbiescunt

        Just because someone doesn’t speak on the media’s nonsense, doesn’t make it true. -.-

        • M

          So true !

  • Eva

    So what is it then?

  • BangBang

    If we should believe anything the magazines say then her life’s a mess right now!

  • Tash

    Worry about your health girl! Just grow the fuck up. She may not have gone the ‘bad girl’ route with her image portrayal, but that doesn’t mean she’s mature. Just dating a child, says enough. Get it together. Stop creating your own problems & worry about things that are real issues. Stop this shit.

    • wert

      excuse me what you think the route of looking drunk, cocaine, rehab, smoking, cursing in a concert, and dissing her boyfriend is, and wearing skimpy clothes eh, she did go the bad girl route, is just nobody cares about her, that what she needs to hop on justin dick all the time to stay revelant, he is famous on his own and when he was huge he had a good image, he actually stared to screw up right after dating her, for all we know she the one who introduced him to drugs. supposely she a drunk and all those photos of him messing up I bet it was her leaking them when she was mad at him to ruin his good image, because he keep everything quiet, didnt any of you that bad photos of justin doing something negative stared showing up when selena will break up with him or he was hanging out with another girl, and we all know selena love to use the media a lot, it was selena who made justin secrets out, he was doing fine until she try to get revenge on him. think about it!

      selena has betray every single person she has had, she even try to screw nick by blaming bad stuff about him,about how bad he treated her, she try to do what taylor did to joe, but she didnt have enought power like taylor swift, so everyone is bad and selena is good really? i dont think so, she like to shade people, remeber her little speech at the concert she was aiming that at miley, miley answerd sing the song FU to her, jajaja that why i love miley she up front and is not scare, selena like to throw shade and then be a coward.

      • Tash

        Hey listen. I’m not a fan. But I know the world looks at her brand as the ‘good girl’ brand, compared to everyone else. She is basically sold as ‘she isn’t Miley Cyrus’. That’s true, she’s nowhere as talented & just sincere. But they don’t mean it in that way. For some reason she’s better just because Miley’s image is very out there. It’s all very strategic. I was just pointing out that the world looks at her as the good girl & oh so mature. But I don’t think she is. She just didn’t go the outrageous root with her branding. That’s smart & having a good team, not mature. It doesn’t have to hold any bearing or be a reflection of the individual. So I think you interpreted my comment incorrectly.

      • Tash

        Sweety, just check out my comments on the Miley post. I pointed out how Selena’s team are milking this ‘everyone hates Miley’ thing. I spoke about how Selena started twerking at concerts like Miley, but got zero heat. Even though she promotes herself to kids. But she noticed the Miley backlash, because she stopped & then started the ‘I just wanna be a good role model’ speeches. Then concert reviewers basically made her whole review about Miley. So Selena got the thumbs up purely because she wasn’t Miley. Truth be told, I think that FU performance meant nothing. Miley truly doesn’t give a fuck. I think she just used it as a prop. I’ll take a sincere sinner over a saint who’s a deceitful hypocrite. I respect people who are strong enough to stand by their way of life, no matter the hate. Instead of just saying all the right things so everyone will love them. Then contradicting themselves.

  • Dina

    she needs to get away from bieber, he cause this , but she did not confirm this yet!

    • Gtfo

      Lmao, shut the fuck up and stop blaming Bieber for her shit he has nothing to do with it just like she has nothing to do with his. Delusional selenators make me cringe, Bieber is barely around Selena to even influence her on anything so cut your bullshit. She smoked and waw drinking on her own way before just hides it good from the public to be seen as the good girl you idiots will always buy it. He didn’t cause shit. If she can’t take everytime she dumps him and he is single seen with other girls that’s her problem, she doesn’t own him when they’re broken up and he is single is allowed to be with other girls. He isn’t her toy that she can just get with when she needs him and then get bitter and shade him when he isn’t doing what she wants.