Camila Cabello: ‘Every Girl Deserves A Man That Makes Her Feel Like A Princess And Makes Her Feel Wanted’

camila-robsue-meCamila Cabello, who may be dating Austin Mahone, revealed to J-14 what she looks for in a man: ‘I feel like every girl deserves somebody that makes her feel like a princess and makes her feel wanted.

If a guy makes you feel insecure and you think you have to prove yourself to him, bye! Next one. You should never have to try to prove yourself to anybody. I do like chivalry and when boys pay for me when they take me out on a date. It’s a nice gesture, you know what I mean?’

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  • sisi

    wow, she’s gorgeous

  • Hollyhysteria

    Love her. Preach, Camila!

  • Derrick

    she’s beautiful wauw :)

  • Alex

    The thing about fifth harmony that most people don’t know is that they are all very wise and smart for their age, if you were to look at just 2 interviews you could tell that and the love they have for their fans is something you don’t really see today from artist. Their vocals are growing a lot stronger and so is their fan base. Sometimes I wish OC would showcase the other 4 girls as much as they do camila but I guess I understand why they do it, because she is linked to Austin right ?

  • AMOZ

    big ROB!!!

  • Dvhbj

    This girl think like all woman deserve to treating like a princes so every man like to treat them like a prince too that doesn’t mean that all man are like that woman too who’s cheating to their boyfriends please she is sooo wrong

  • Gbin

    Well same thing to boys too because a lot of woman are mean to their boyfriends or husband

  • Pamela Lansbury


  • BrokenArrow18

    I saw a video of them performing and it’s actually embarrasing how sexual they are trying to make them look, specially since they’re all like 17. and even last year when they were 16. Thats just a desasperate move. Focus on the music, the voices and even more try to make them work as a group. Making them sexual is not gonna make them happen sorry.