Demi Lovato Give Me Love Ed Sheeran

Demetria Lovato covers Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love.

  • Alii

    How the fuck does she do that with her voice. I have goosebumps all over the damn place. Shit, son.

  • Brie

    Beautiful! :)

  • Brie

    I love the mashup of both their versions. Seriously I need them to collab like now.

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    Anyone else think she looks the most beautiful with natural hair and makeup? If she likes dying her hair crazy colors and wearing a lot of makeup she should. But I’ve always liked her best like this.

  • Littlemisssunshiiine

    It’s amazing…

  • JennyLovesSiwonOppa

    Flawless, she looks beautiful

  • Littlemisssunshiiine

    I don’t understand why she isn’t the most famous out of the young singers. She has such a beautiful voice and is so talented.

    • She’s underrated

      She’s the most talented out of them ariana miley && selena. Miley && ariana are talented to but I think overall demi wins!

    • x

      it’s her music :/ she is SO talented, but her music is really shitty :s she should start writing her own songs again and go indie or something.

  • hawkgirl

    The guitar does not work with this cover but god damn her voice

  • HellNo

    i really like it but will never beat this one

    • Some Dude

      This was the golden era of her voice. I really hope she gets it back, because it hasn’t been on point lately.

      • Sara Di Maro

        I just think it’s all about the music genre.. not so much about her actual voice! she should dive into the genre she shines the most.. though she nails it anyway everytime!

        • Some Dude

          I hope you’re right. It’s just her performances lately have been off sometimes. And when I saw her live on the Neon Lights Tour, she skipped a lot of the high notes that I wanted to hear her sing. She never used to that in 2008-2010, she almost always delivered an awesome performance. As long as she keeps killing it in the studio, though, then I’m happy.

          • HellNo

            i dont know, she always seems out of breath to me now, but i truly hope u are right cause i really miss her old voice

  • dlovCyr

    So fucking good. But why does she make such shitty music. SIGHHHHHH WASTED TALENT

  • BangBang

    So much better than the last time she covered it!

  • BritneyS

    She sounds magical.

  • mich

    Love!!!! Although in the beginning I thought she sang, ‘Give me love like crabs’- had to laugh that out before i could continue to watch the rest of the vid.

  • musiclover

    Demi is very talented! She’ll be going on tour soon and coming up sooner is a free concert she’s having in NY. Check out more details about it right here!