Emma Roberts SECRET To Staying Super Thin! ‘Juice Super Cleanse From Whole Foods, She Bought 50+ Botttles’

Emma Roberts Out Shopping In Beverly HillsOn May 16 in Beverly Hills, an eyewitness told Star that Emma was filling her cart up with 50 bottles of juice: ‘Emma had at least 50 bottles of the a popular cleanse in her cart. She cleared out the entire section and she looked insanely skinny.’

Juice needs to be fresh because it loses nutrients quickly. So unless she drank 50 bottles a day, she didn’t get any benefits. It’s pretty clear she was just trying to cut back on calories, which is crazy, because she’s already so small.’

  • laura

    Ugh will people stop criticizing her body already? She looks perfectly fine to me and I highly doubt it she bought 50 bottles of juice. Because there’s a lot of sugar in them and you will eventually gain weight from them if you drink too much. It’s like eating 8 oranges, 3 bananas, 4 apples and a kilo of raspberries: too much sugar and calories and everyone who juices is fully aware of that. That’s why you only drink one bottle or less than a bottle a day.

    • Bob

      I just hunk she eats healthy tbh

      • Bob


      • laura

        Same, like if you see pictures of her in a crop top or something she still has a bit of a tummy, she doesn’t have a thigh gap either (though some have that naturally).
        I don’t get what people are talking about tbh.

  • barbiescunt

    Or maybe she just likes how it tastes? I literally buy over 20 bottles of Naked juice a week because it tastes good.

  • anonny

    I think she’s just an extremely small framed girl, and it’s sad that people keep implying that she has an eating disorder just because she is skinny. If you look at pictures of her in a bikini, she doesn’t look as though she is “starved”..

  • Tash

    Yet, if you see a person load up on soda, you don’t judge them! Maybe she likes it & is keeping it for a while & doesn’t feel like keep going to the store. If you have enough money, it gives you the privilege to do that. If the date it expires is far enough away & as long as you store it, you’re all good. This post is ridiculous. Plenty of girls look like her. It’s a normal built actually.

  • Emma Stone

    Maybe she just likes the juice. Nobody ever considers the more logical reasons. Always have to jump to a body issue.

  • BritneyS

    It’s her natural weight.

  • threelittlebirds

    but she’s always been thin! why make a big deal now?

  • Laura

    she looks fine to me…but is she crying in the main photo?