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    olivia’s ridin that!

    • Ciara

      Shut up you loser.

    • janet

      not anymore…

  • Yes!

    That’s Charlie Walk with Nick. Charlie Walk of Republic Records…you know the label that represents Lorde, Ariana Grande, Of Monsters and Men, Iggy Azalea, Tiesto, Colby Calliat, DRAKE. Between Nick’s Instagram post, Charlie Walk’s instagram pic and Joe’s comment on Nick’s picture…I’m assuming he just signed a new record deal.

    • JoeJonasTroops

      Which Instagram pic is the one where joe commented on?

      • Yes!

        He commented on Nick’s Instagram. It was all emoticons of stars, cash, trophies, bags of cash etc.

    • cam

      Does this mean that he is not being associated with the Jonas Group?? Personally I hope so. Do you know how the relationship w/Kevin is??

      • anon

        Jonas Group is not a record label, it’s a management company. He is still very much unfortunately represented managementwise (at least for music) by his flop father, as are Kevin and Joe.

        • cam

          But he is still producing, correct? Is that part of the Jonas Group? I thought they were going to have their own record label. I really wish he would stay away from his father. I do not trust that man.

    • amy

      Finally :)
      I hope Joe gets a record deal too

  • Guest

    He looks so cute. I am wearing almost the same jeans as he is today but of course in girls size lol