Joe Jonas Galore Magazine Photo Shoot + DJing At Dirty Laundry Club Los Angeles UPDATED With Beautiful Blandie!

joe-jonas-galore-djing (4)joe-jonas-galore-djing (7)joe-bleder-galore (2)Hollywood socialite Joseph Jonas was photographed for GALORE magazine. He also showed off manicured thick moisturized eyebrows while showing off his otherworldly DJ skills at Dirty Laundry nightclub in Los Angeles. Some lucky people took pictures of Joe and were close to him.

UPDATED with Joe watching the World Cup!



    blanda is way sexier than olivia

    • hudgens.

      Next joke.

    • asdfghj

      Camilla Belle is sexier than both Blanda and Olivia put together.

      • anon

        Camilla is pretty, but sexy? Umm I dont think any of the three are sexy. lol Joe looks gorgeous tho <3

    • moonlight

      i find olivia a bit pretty but cant tell blanda is awful, she has smething sexy on her, idk how to describe . but anyways, ibeauty is subjective

    • m

      this is a joke? i don’t like olivia but she is gorgeous and 10000 more sexy than blender who looks like a man

      • WTF

        haha look like a man? haha wow what else you got on your mind?

        • hudgens.

          She’s got proper grammar on her mind, unlike you.

          • WTF

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          • hudgens.

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          • hudgens.

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  • hudgens.

    He looks so good.

  • Uio


  • Tash

    Hello handsome :) Once again, please be a model! We NEED more gorgeous photoshoots! Btw, Calvin Klein would be a good choice ;) Given recent developments. So you guys only notice now?? =p

  • aly
    • anon

      Argentina tho!!!!

    • hudgens.

      This is a Joe post. Take that Niall guy somewhere else.

    • Anon

      yeah joe jonas too is supporting brasil i saw the picture with the flag of brasil

    • BangBang

      The game was kind of wack though.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    I Love the photoshoot, I wish it wasnt black and white

  • m

    This is a mediocre photoshoot and for a shitty magazine. I miss when Joe used to do photoshoots with magazines like Details (he got his best photoshoot with them)

    • amy

      why so bitter gurl

  • uj

    while Nick is working so hard and getting a label for his new solo project, Joe is still wasting his talent and time doing nothing more than go to irrelevant parties with his famewhore cougar and walk around the paparazzi to get papped.

  • amy

    he’s got a cute little booty

  • Michelleg3323

    I’m glad he’s having fun doing what he wants. I’m glad he can DJ and do photo shoots while he works on music and other projects. All that matters is that he’s healthy, happy, and handsome which he is.