Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Watch Lincoln Lawyer Together In Bed, Back Together?

bieber-lincoln-lawyerSelena is possibly having sex again with Justin Bieber. Source told In Touch Magazine that Bieber’s parents are concerned about Selena: ‘They’re a little freaked out by how fast [Justin Bieber] and [Selena Gomez] are moving, but they’re just chalking it up to young love, for now.

He has lost his Canadian accent and totally changed the way he speaks. His family is concerned.’ He came home with new earrings and a tattoo. ‘Overall, the family really likes Selena and is happy with her good-girl image.’


  • guest

    How many other girls does he have to sleep with before she finally stops going back to him ?

    • JC

      idk she has no self esteem or love for herself at all

    • Ok

      Or how many times does Selena need to shade and publicly insult him everytime they break up before he realizes she doesn’t really love him?

      • JC

        if she’s not in love with him why would she take all this crap? damn the girl is blind for him i don’t understand

        • Cali

          Its PR for both of them her for her music and movies and him to distract from his recent blunders.I seriously cant believe anyone thinks they’re really in love by now.

          • anna

            i think they think theyre in love. its a messy relationship but so was his mom and dads and a lot of other people. its not that uncommon but its not incredibly healthy either.

          • JC

            i think they are both immature enough to think that it’s normal to be treated bad just because o love the other person, you can call me naive or even dumb but i dont see any pr in here,,, just too teenagers trying to hard to look like young adults, who love each other but it’s not working and they have to move on

        • Nope

          She’s not in love with him, she only comes around when they need PR and drama as distraction from something or promotion. Stop living in denial. This stopped being a relationship in 2013 already. She also doesn’t “deal” with any of his crap whenever he’s in trouble she’s nowhere to be seen, she runs away and ignores him and only comes back when things calm down. She’s not around when he is dealing with problems. She doesn’t actually put up with anything stop victimizing her. The only thing she could be hurt by are then girls he hangs ouy with cause they all look better then her and she’s insecure bitter and jealous. But then again what is she expecting him to do everytime she dumps him, of course he will be with others and hang out with them he won’t always cry like a bitch and write album for her. When he’s single he’s allowed to be with others she doesn’t own him.

      • thecat61

        It’s a game and its called ‘fucking with your head.’

      • Elusive Chanteuse

        Wasn’t it he’d rather models just a week or two ago loool.

    • Tash

      Says it all!

    • Barbz21

      How do you know he slept with all girls he was hanging out with ? Then if we will think like that Selena fucked Niall and Romeo and Orlando too ;)

  • anon

    I guess she’s lost her power again.

  • asdfg

    Selena is a lost cause. She’s completely blinded by Bieber’s dick/money/fame.

  • Guest1

    Selena is no where in this picture. It’s just his feet and what looks like a blanket.

  • Zaina777

    4 years ago:Oh, Ellen…he’s little…he’s like my little brother…
    3 years ago: Don’t take me to jail…
    Twenty years later: On, off, on ,Off, On…

    the Jelena saga continues

  • tomm

    selena dont have a good girl image? she used to have she totally ruined with all the partying, drunk, and drugs and rahab. what is his parents smoking? selena cant help him if she a jukie, he is probably supplying her with drugs, once girls get addictive they lose all self steem and sleep around with anyone for drugs. Two junkies how sad! people arre stupid now a days, yoou have a healthy body why will you damage you brain with such garbage.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I can’t tell if someone else is there or not.

  • Rah

    As a Canadian, unless you’re from Quebec or Newfoundland you’re not going to have an accent. Justin Bieber is from Stratford, he never had the stereotypical Canadian accent. Also, their relationship seems toxic and stupid and they both need to build a bridge and get over it. It’s really pathetic.

    • Tash

      I think he had a white boy/normal accent, now he’s a wankster. Also I think it’s not really the accent but rather his choice of words & the mannerisms that go along with it.

    • Cali

      That’s what i was thinking. Im american but I thought that most Canadians besides like the french speaking ones had the same accent we did.

  • Tash

    Hilarious. Crazy stuff!

  • huh

    I think it is a very old article

    • Dina

      it better be very old back when they were dating!

  • lol

    It is very wide to be a foot, it is his blanket

  • Matt

    These 2 are so dramatic and stupid. I feel like if you were near them for too long you’d lose every bit of self respect and IQ you previously had.

  • aff

    I could see them getting engaged then having a fight at the wedding day and then in the heat of the moment Justin call one of his “models” and marry her

  • Eva

    So she has no self respect… or self esteem. And then she wonders why people won’t respect her. smh.

  • Dina

    this has got to be another rumor , they both! need to stay so far away from one another really