Miley Took Noah Out To A Nightclub

miley-noah-bathroomQueen Miley Ray Cyrus took her 14 year old sister Noah to a nightclub in Barcelona, according to PacificCoastNews. The super hot sisters dressed up for their night on the town, with Miley wearing a short colorful dress with open toed heels and Noah wearing a shiny gold skirt. Miley is in town for her concert at the Palau Sant Jordi on June 13. Do YOU think that Noah should be clubbing at age 14? She’s going downhill faster than Bieber!


  • Sam

    This is all Billy and Tish’s fault , if they really cared about Miley , she wouldn’t been like this when they actually only care about the fame and leeching off her and Noah might need to stay away from her and hang with Brandi instead , she’s the decent out of the family

  • Mirela

    Another reason to despise Miley. Overall, the Cyrus family.

    • Sam

      No , I depise the whole family expect for Miley , Noah and Braison

  • lol

    this family is fucked up and needs major help. too bad theyre all attention whores

    • Sam

      I feel bad for Noah and Miley , how wonder Miley is like this and all

      • lol

        i do feel bad for miley because her parents are total thirsty hoes who never cared for her right. and now she does crazy shit to keep herself relevant. i also feel bad for noah. poor girl is following in the steps of miley

        • Sam

          I agree with this I also feel sorry for Braison bc he’s the decent one out of the family poor guy

  • Rah

    I used to go to all ages clubs when I was 14/15, but now that I look back as an adult I realize how ridiculous and stupid and dangerous it was. It’s pretty irresponsible of Miley and her family.

  • michelle

    it’s not like she forced her to go, she went along. big deal.
    at 14 i went dancing all the time not because i wanted to drink and get pregnant but because i wanted to have fun.

  • hawkgirl

    I don’t think they have parents anymore.

  • TrueSmiler

    Boring slut.

  • Clauber
  • Eva

    Wow. But Miley is 7 years older than Noah… She should definitely know better. If they were say 18 and 16 then we would excuse it as youthfulness but Miley should know better honestly.

  • thecat61

    Do we have pictures of Miley and Noah at the club? The only pics I saw of them is when they left a restaurant. Nice try OU.

  • thecat61

    Are you kidding me! TMZ is slacking. Lmao!