selea-gomez-hair-colorVia _marissamarino @ Nine Zero One Salon: ‘One of the many reasons I love this girl – she does what she wants! Instead of going lighter for summer, she went darker and shorter and looks stunning! ✂️haircut by @riawnacapri and color by me #changeitup #newtrends #dark #short #901girl

NEW candids of Selena solemn in all black walking in Calabasas HERE!


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Wow, how dare devilish of her to change her hair color.
    I’m just amazed. -__-

  • thecat61

    - she does what she wants – I bet she does.

    • Tash

      Grumps knows all!

  • Eva
  • BritneyS

    Awesome, I love her new hair.

  • anony

    how is that jaw-dropping. jaw-dropping is like cutting all your hair off like miley and jennifer

  • honesty

    It kind of looks like a seven year old took their scissors to their barbie’s head. =( Sorry, Selena. Then again, maybe it’s just a bad picture.

  • uest

    Hasn’t her hair always been black? Or at least dark?

  • Bs

    In a few days or weeks she has again fake brownish hair
    Not really impressed

  • M

    I think she looks great, it really suits her well.

  • Dash

    um……lol what was the difference from before?

  • ha

    I like it. Hopefully she keeps it and do not put those hideous extensions back

  • meep

    wowwww rly omg srsly so interesting !!1111!1

  • so

    I wonder if she will release music this year? It would be good to her taking the whole year off.


    she definitely dyed it for bieber since her prefers darker latina women

    • Tash

      Omg! Never! Remember, how she hated that Nick wanted to ‘change’ her. She wouldn’t …. ;) But then again Nick wasn’t giving her the ‘D’.

      • Mary

        But she did change for Nick, she even said she always had to dress up & could never wear sweat pants around him. She doesn’t have that problem around Bieber but she has changed in other ways for him

        • Tash

          So you hate the guy who wants you to be a lady, but love the boy who’s makes you his hoe. What a wonderful world. I never understood that. I guess Nick was too much of a gentleman for her. Which always put into question that ‘good girl’ thing. Now we know for sure that it was an image just for her brand & not the real her.

  • Dina

    i am honestly loving her new hair style so cute! i support her changing her hair!

  • threelittlebirds

    i don’t care about the color, i’m just glad she got rid of those hideous extensions.

  • Cici

    She looks soooo hawwwtttt

  • Matt

    “She does what she wants”

    1. Actually she does what Bieber wants. Or at least whatever gets her on news sites.
    2. Thug Life. Apparently.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Even thought her natural hair is black it just doesnt go with her skin tone idk like for example Vanessa Hudgens pulls off black hair so well

  • Hmmm

    She looks like that jenner girl, the younger one..

    • DianaJaede

      Me toooo! I thought I was the only one who noticed!