Troian Bellisario ‘The Pretty Little Liars Cast Deserves More Awards, We Convey Truth With Compelling Excellence’

troian-bellisario-sexyTroian Bellisario, 28, is upset that teen shows aren’t given more awards. She wrote on THR: ‘Everyone says this is the golden age of television. There are so many wonderful shows,

With new ideas and characters that push the envelope. There is an abundance of quality artists using their talents in this medium rather than just in film. And there are so many different ways to tell a story, a variety of styles and genres all being celebrated and explored.

So why is it that with all the different types of shows being recognized this Emmy season, the ones like mine, ‘teen shows,’ are written off as fluff? Guilty pleasures that are too youthful to exhibit accolade-worthy material.

What if they are telling good stories too, just in a different way? ’m not comparing our show to any other show, I’m not comparing myself to any other actor (especially not Bryan Cranston —please God, no!),

But as someone on a teen soap I can tell you that I work with a cast and crew that searches for those same human truths, and who strives to convey those truths with compelling depth and excellence.

We are just beholden to a different style of storytelling. And that is also worthy of serious consideration.’ Photo Credit: GQ. This chick is whack. Actors already get TOO MANY AWARDS.

  • threelittlebirds

    i think where she’s getting at is to get the same amount of respect or praise as the other shows like breaking bad or the walking dead. she’s saying that because they’re a teen show they just get blown off.

  • kat

    I agree with her. Some of her scenes on pretty little liars are amazing. Especially when her character had the breakdown. I think the teen shows does get overlooked, because of the fact that its a teen show. She’s the best actor on that show.

  • huh?

    I like her but, wtf is this? Do I think teen shows should be written off? Absolutely not. Do I think PLL is worthy or on par with other shows I watch? No. ABCFamily or whoever needs to seriously work on writing better material, and show diverse casting. Twisted had good diverse casting and after the 1st season, it turned into the Jo show, but that isn’t the point.

    What I saw on PLL earlier this week is barely good enough for a Teen Choice Award, and I usually don’t find the episodes to be as bad as a lot of other people make them. Wow.

  • Juliet

    Comparing Breaking Bad to Pretty Little Liars is a little laughable. But after watching a couple episodes, I think that Troian herself is a good actress and if she were say casted in a television show that was as beautifully written as Breaking Bad, maybe she would receive the awards she feels like she deserves.. But that’s what makes teen shows teen shows, they aren’t meant to be taken too seriously because that’s not what the audience that age is looking for. Maybe a little bit of a stereo type.. But most teens want a show that has easily attainable drama and sex, like PLL has. They aren’t as interested in thought provoking, mature scripts like Breaking Bad or any other show that claims a lot of awards and critic praise.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    The cast and acting is beyond great for a teen show, but PLL is in no way a show that deserves a surplus of awards. If this show was on a different network with some different writers, quite possibly the show could deserve more recognition beyond its cliche and overworked storyline. The show’s entertaining but not great by any means.

  • laura

    Is she being for real? I don’t mind watching pretty little liars, I really want to know who A is but I do realize it is a shitty show with shitty actors.
    The dialogues aren’t very clever and are very one dimensional, the scenery isn’t spectacular either and the plot is just ridiculous at this point. Sure the concept is original but that is about it. The show had potential and they didn’t do anything with it.
    I honestly don’t think shows that are broadcasted on channels like ABC Family or CW deserve awards. They’re too PG 13 and are all the same to be honest. HBO and Showtime really do deserve all the awards they’ve gotten so far because they have a more European approach and aren’t afraid to show skin.
    I’m having a really hard time explaining myself by the way because I am exhausted due to exams so sorry if this comment is a complete mess.

    • hawkgirl

      your comment is my favourite.

      • laura

        You’re icon is my favourite :o damn who is that?!

        • hawkgirl

          gurrl that’s Kit Harington from Game of Thrones ;D

          • laura

            I’m sorry, I still have to begin watching that show! I’ve been too busy watching every other show there is haha I’m just scared that if I start watching it, I won’t stop watching it :p

          • hawkgirl

            season 4 finale was last night and it was so good, I suggest you watch it really. It’s 10 eps per season so it wont take you that long. :D

          • laura

            I might start watching it tonight then :) I always hear such good thing about it.

    • iWizard

      I agreed until the point about showing skin. I don’t think a show has to bare all to be a good one, nor do I think it has to take a European approach to win awards. I think the excessive sex scenes and nudity on HBO takes away from the story, rather than add anything substantial to it. But the reason they probably win awards is because we live in a society with sex-crazed men who love degrading women. I have yet to see a movie or show that has more male nudity than female nudity. That’s a double-standard and we all know it.

      Take “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch for instance. AMAAAAZING writing, acting and casting. Just amazing. No nudity. No sex. Nothing. It’s the best show on TV imo because they make people think instead of engage their lower organs for cheap views. The views for that show actually increase as the series goes on, something that never happens in television.

      EDIT: Good luck with exams! What’re you studying?

      • camglam

        I agree with you Sherlock is amazing but in the in the 4 years its been on its only had 9 episodes. Pretty little liars pumps out 20-25 a season. If more shows in America only had to do 12 a season I believe the writing quality would improve.

        • threelittlebirds

          i love when shows only have 12 or 13 episodes. it saves from a lot of fillers.

        • Pixies

          The reason why Sherlock has very few episodes is because the writers probably don’t feel the need to have the storyline panned out in how many episodes if the story can be told in 3 episodes. (maybe due to the BBC as well and considering how long each episode Sherlock is)

          Also 20+ episodes of a programme doesn’t work on British TV. Which why a majority of TV series are less than 12 episodes.

      • laura

        I am not saying shows need to show skin, it’s just that these shows are a lot more raw and therefore aren’t afraid to show skin when there’s a sex scene rather than cutting it off after a not so steamy make out scene.
        I am a feminist, I am all for equality and I don’t think these women get degraded. But it does indeed depend on the shows and I do agree that there are a lot of double standards going on.
        Also, I think the European approach is incredibly important. Because in Europe they care more about quality rather than quantity. The shows here in Europe, not all of them, are honestly amazing and if you then watch an American show you just get really disappointed to be honest.
        But yes I agree, Sherlock is an amazing show! But again, it’s a European show so that kinda explains it haha

        Oh thank you! :) I’m studying linguistics and my language combination is German and English. It’s a total pain in the ass but I like it haha

    • camglam

      There are people on these shows that still do a great job with the terrible writing they have been given. Also HBO shows only have about 12 episodes a season which gives them time to come up with better scripts.

      • laura

        Yeah sure, not all of those actors are bad but I can’t picture them in any decent movies to be honest. Maybe your typical American family movie or maybe even an action movie but that’s about it.
        That’s because they realize quality is better than quantity.

  • Hollyhysteria

    I agree with her

  • BangBang

    They deserve the respect but the show is kind of boring.

  • honesty

    She can’t be serious; they are some of the worst actors on television right now.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I didn’t even know Pretty Little Liars came back so..

    • iWizard


  • hawkgirl

    she has to wake up smell the shit that is her show aka pretty ;ittle liars that has a huge fanbase but their show could never amount to anything more than a teen show and it deserves to be blown off because it is not half as good to even be compared to shows like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Suits, Arrow, Orphan Black, Scandal etc etc fucking New Girl captivates me more than PLL.

    • its not about you hoe

      And you’re the mayority? lol k

      • hawkgirl

        listen up little shit I have just posted my opinion. i am not fucking speaking for you so don’t come around with your god damn bullshit and your ‘lol k’, take your 12 year old attitude and go away. good bye.

    • Laura

      Orphan Black. Now the acting on that show is insane.

      • Eva

        I have Orphan Black but I haven’t had time to watch it, is it really that good?

        • Laura

          Oh yea! It’s amazing, you need to watch it.

      • hawkgirl

        Orphan Black is one of my faves. Tati kills it

    • Eva

      Mmmm… Scandal??? No.

      • Guest

        you can say all you want, must have some bad plot twists, but the actors are great.

  • kjfhs

    Some of you commenting probably have only watched one or two episodes of pretty little liars. I’ve followed the show from season 1 and mind you there are moments when the writing itself is complete and utter crap…downright laughable even but there is absolutely no denying Troiann Bellisario is an incredibly talented actress. She shines through on a show that leaves her grasping at straws for something to work with. Her performance as Spencer (especially the breakdown episodes) were emmy worthy. If you just brush off her comments you’re doing the exact thing she was talking about, not giving it a fighting chance just because of the name and the stereotypical connotations it carries.

  • barbiescunt

    PLL gets blown off because the show is going no where. It doesn’t matter if the actors do an exceptional job, if all they’re doing is dragging out a story line. I stopped watching after season two and clearly I’ve missed nothing seeing as they’re no closer to find out who “A” is. She should just appreciate that they’ve just been renewed for another two pointless seasons, and accept that their lack of award nominations is directly because of their writers doing a poor job.

    • HoneyBunch

      Trust me babe, it’s already gone somewhere. The fact that actors such as Troian Bellisario, and other exceptional actors on other channels and in films, can play out such intense and deep scenes and characters is fascinating.

      • barbiescunt

        For the show to be on air as long as it has, it’s gone no where. However you being a fan, of course you’d think otherwise. I never questioned the abilities of Troian or the remainder of actors on various other networks, so I’m not sure where to find the relevancy of your last sentence. But, OK??

  • Maddy

    Troian is so hot <3

  • Godney

    oh god the photoshop

  • hi

    Honestly i think pretty little liars is going to run out of actors before they run out of seasons. it’s obvious especially with this new statement that the actors are growing weary of their talents not being recognized and awarded where it’s clearly due. the show may have been renewed for two seasons but i think before the show wraps up actors are going to start leaving to pursue noteworthy projects.

  • barbiescunt

    Is it just me or is it very annoying for anyone else how much she has been photoshopped in this picture? They didn’t even do a good job, she looks disfigured… Which is disappointing because I find her to be otherwise gorgeous. :/

    • x

      She commented about that on her instagram. Something about her hips “disappearing.”