Zayn Grows Full Beard & Harry At Lunch

1d-beards (4)1d-beards (2)Zayn showed off his full beard and Harry lunched with a fan in Leeds.

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  • Duckyhoward15

    It wasn’t with a fan it was with his friends from London loves LA and fans took photos LOL



  • FuckHarry

    Zayn sometimes looks so sick and unhealthy and other days he looks super good I don’t get it.


      still don’t know why he is so sickly thin.. :

      • anony

        he’d probably rather smoke weed than eat. louis looks thin as well. like both of their cheek bones are so hollow, it’s obvious. whereas harry liam and niall look normal

    • Tash

      Maybe he goes through phases of drugging too much. Then eases up. I know lots who look super thin. Then ease it up & the next week they look healthy.

  • Tash

    Bruce Jenner! Looking more youthful than ever! :)