Ed Sheeran ‘I Won’t Get Plastic Surgery’

ed-sheeran-plastic-surgeryEd Sheera revealed to Fabulous Magazine that he won’t get plastic surgery to improve his looks: ‘I’m never happy with the way I look. Someone asked me the other day whether I’d get plastic surgery and the reason I wouldn’t is because I’d try and change everything.’

Would YOU ever get plastic surgery?

  • Anonymous

    he doesnt need a plastic surgery. He’s freaking flawless


      Exactly!! <3 Ginger Jesus has nothing to change.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    This is cute, that suit is looking good on him.

  • .

    Who the hell would tell him to get surgery?!?! He’s so incredibly talented & beautiful the way he is and that’s why people love him so much. Please don’t ever change!

  • honesty

    Wtf Ed! You’re so handsome. I’m sad that he can’t see it.

  • Cici

    Yeah right, Ed. You know you are the full package. Sexy & talented.

  • Tash

    He may not be a hotty, but he’s not unattractive. Nothing wrong with being average. He just needs to take care of himself. Often when you don’t feel you’re very attractive, you don’t bother to take as much pride in your appearance. Also, don’t put yourself down. Confidence goes a long way.

  • ISeeSparksFly

    That’s my hand everyone. xD

  • HolyGround

    Ed is so amazing I seriously hope he knows that