Justin Bieber ‘Dear Lord’ Photo Shoot, Asking Forgiveness For Taking Selena Gomez’s Virginity?

justin-bieber-dear-lord (3)sleepjustin-bieber-dear-lord (5)beginingsJustin Bieber is in Los Angeles to be with Selena Gomez and prayed to his savior to dissolve his sins. Since Jesus is on his side, he can do know wrong. Bring the hooker, bring out the drugs, lets go drunk bumper car driving, Jesus loves me!

Justin Bieber was cleared of attempted robbery after a woman accused him of taking her cell phone for trying to take pictures of him at a batting cage in Sherman Oaks Castle Park, reports TMZ.

  • laura
  • Rah

    One of my pet peeves is assholes like Justin Bieber who believe that “loving” Jesus is justification for being a huge cunt with no concept of reality or responsibility.

    • Tash

      Hallelujah my friend!

  • iWizard

    My pet peeve is people needing to show off their “faith” to the public. Religion is a personal thing that shouldn’t be used to get likes on an instagram photo. Gosh.

    • Tash

      It’s OU, it’s how they role :)

      • iWizard

        I’m talking about Justin Bieber, not OU…

        • Tash

          Oh sorry. No, I didn’t post this comment for you. OU has a faulty page. It messes with my comments sometimes. In the future, if something doesn’t sound relevant, just ignore. Please & thank you :)

  • Guest1

    But why do you guys come up with the most stupidest titles?!

  • anon


  • Tash

    Saint Selena. Her charity work never ends.

  • ….

    Absolve his sins, I don’t know how you would dissolve a sin…

  • Cici


  • ivan

    This site never loses an opportunity to trash this kid; bullying to the max. Where is the apology for trashing him over claim he abused a woman over a phone who obviously lied? 9 witnesses testified he did nothing wrong.

  • Smh

    That pic in the bed is so adorable :) he has a beautiful face if he only dressed better he would beat so many guys with his looks